The Invalesco

The Mysterium, recognizing the argons as an existential threat, formed an elite branch of researchers, the Invalesco, to work day and night on defeating the metallic invaders. The Invalesco go where other researchers won’t—straight into argon territory. They risk their lives gathering data that will one day win the war. You must be brave to be a soldier. You must be smart to be Mysterium. You must be both to be Invalesco.

TERA Invalesco, Human

Rewards for Helping the Invalesco

Invalesco quests pay reputation points as well as gold and credits to spend with Urmo and Provelle, Pathfinder Post’s Invalesco merchants. They grant green crystals, which can raise your power or your crit chance, making it ideal for DPS classes. In addition to that, some items also raise your HP.

Players on good terms with the Invalesco can buy fun costume items like aviator caps. The merchants also carry cyasmic oil—a crafting material required to make Visionmaker weapons and armor. Plus, the quests themselves take you to various parts of Val Tirkai to wrestle interesting problems.

Maxing Out Your Invalesco Reputation

The Invalesco recently moved into Pathfinder Post in Val Tirkai to observe the argons firsthand and now operate throughout the province. To get Invalesco daily quests, you must demonstrate your skills with other quests in Val Tirkai (most of which pay some Invalesco reputation points). Once your reputation reaches Wavering, you’ll receive the quest “A Summons from the Invalesco.”

Report to High Inquisitor Nithan at Pathfinder Post. He’ll welcome you and unlock the daily quests—watch for green exclamation points to find them.

Invalesco Reputation Levels
Suspicious 0–3,000
Apprehensive 0–6,000
Wavering 0–9,000
Neutral 0–12,000
Favorable 0–15,000
Friendly 0–20,000
Trusted 0–25,000
Revered 0–1,000

Each new reputation level resets the counter to zero. Don’t worry—you’re still gaining influence with the Invalesco.

Invalesco Quests

All Invalesco daily quests start at Pathfinder Post. The Invalesco offer only a few quests at first. As your reputation grows, they’ll offer you more quests with greater variety. Some quests unlock only at level 60, so level 59 players can dabble in Invalesco quests, but won’t see the whole picture. You can pick up five daily quests per day from any one faction, but you can turn in up to ten at a time.

Invalesco quests aren’t difficult (though argons are always dangerous), but some quests will earn you reputation points faster than others. We’ve rated the daily quests for efficiency in the table below.

Quest Name Reputation Reward Efficiency Notes
The Beatings Will Continue Until Reliability Improves 700 Low No fighting, but lots of running, jumping, and climbing required. Objectives are spread out and time-consuming to tackle.
Capping the Well 700 Medium A long walk past mostly small enemies.
The Dog Whimperer 700 Medium Finding the dog will vary in time and difficulty, depending on how good his hiding skills are that day.
Collating Data 700 Medium Long walks, though close to other quest objectives. From Pathfinder Post, you can teleport to camp and save yourself some time.
The Shape of Things to Come 700 Low Brush up on your platforming skills, as you will need them to jump and climb to these quest objectives. Objectives are fairly out of the way.
Grin and Bear It 750 Medium A fair amount of walking and fighting, though close to other quest objectives.
Research Vectors 750 High Easy fights near the Blightroar Research Station. Almost no travel time if you teleport in.
All in the Name of Science 750 High Easy fights near Field Base Tenacity.
Skirmishing for Science 750 High Easy fights near Field Base Valiance.
Curiosity Killed the Scientist’s Assistant 750 High Easy fights near Camp Insanity.
The Invalesco Strikes Back 750 Medium Quest objectives are easy, but you’ll have to enter the Three Towers.
One-Stop Shopping at Argon Depot 750 Medium Also in the Three Towers. Deeper inside, which means more fights to reach your targets.
Heavy Metals 750 Medium Deep in the Three Towers. Enemies are fewer, but tougher.
Bring ’Em Back Alive 800 Medium Deep in the Three Towers.
Communal Mutant Gardens 800 Low Objectives are widely scattered in the Three Towers; more worthwhile if you have multiple quests there.
Bad Doggies 700 Medium Finding the dog will vary in time and difficulty, depending on how good his hiding skills are that day.

Some Invalesco quests send you into the Three Towers, a huge argon complex visible from Kaiator. Though the quests themselves aren’t much harder, you’ll have to move more carefully to avoid extra fights along the way. Completing multiple quests will help reduce your trips inside. Hint: If you don’t mind spending a little extra gold, you can use the teleport masters inside the Three Towers to move between the different research camps–Three Towers Research Base, Hexheart Chamber, Mindcrown Chamber, and Shadowspark Chamber.

Each day’s quest choices are random, so check everything available at Pathfinder Post before heading out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Daily quests make a good excuse to pick up some repeatables or guild quests—find some in the same area as your dailies and combine them.

Who Are the Invalesco, Anyway?

When the argons unexpectedly retreated from Val Tirkai, the Invalesco immediately moved from the amani city of Kaiator to Pathfinder Post. They’ve since fanned out over the whole province, delving into every crevice. Invalesco researchers are used to examining tiny scraps of argon technology for months. In Val Tirkai, it’s the opposite: with argon samples as far as the eye can see, who has time to analyze it all? The Invalesco go without sleep, skip meals, and forget daily reports in their race to catalog the torrent of insights.

Paying little heed to their own lives, Invalesco researchers lead the exploration of the Three Towers. Many academics have been mutilated or have simply disappeared, but their careful logs and copious notes survive.

The Invalesco risk their lives in the hope that something in Val Tirkai will turn the tide of the war. What’s one life against thousands? As the Invalesco say: “Die if you must, but finish your research first.”

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