Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction

The stories on this page were created by our TERA community, either for contests or as part of a special community event. They are not considered official TERA lore, and do not influence the story of TERA in any way.

Skycycles Runner-up: Idynatin, Celestial Hills

During our December 2016 Skycycle Flash Fiction contest, community member Idyantin gave us a story detailing the Mysterium’s efforts to find a new power source, and how the popori researcher Bofki took it to the next logical step.

Like all of the most impressive creations of mortals, the origin of skycycles is steeped in competition.

While power of the Core has been a key factor in the high elves’ rise, the children of Karas are not well known for resting on their laurels.

After the stability of the core was threatened by Akasha, the elders of Allemantheia decided to pursue an alternate energy source. Like most things elven, this process was slow and deliberate, and produced little of practical value. Outside Allemantheia, the implications spread like wildfire throughout the federation. More and more researchers joined the search for a new energy source, not trusting the high elves to share their efforts with others.

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Skycycles Runner-up: Niora.Vash, Ascension Valley

During our December 2016 Skycycle Flash Fiction contest, community member Niora.Vash reminded us that not all stories are sad ones, and showed us the world of TERA from a few hundred feet up.

They say from up high, people look like ants. They don’t. They look like specks of agitated dust as I cruise past them. I can feel them looking up at us, at Me, in awe.

I have ridden horses, lions, bears, and beasts of many varieties, but ever since we got the skycycles, I have spent every spare moment travelling our world up in the clouds.

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