Skycycles Runner-up: Niora.Vash, Ascension Valley

During our December 2016 Skycycle Flash Fiction contest, community member Niora.Vash reminded us that not all stories are sad ones, and showed us the world of TERA from a few hundred feet up.

Note: As fan fiction, this story is not considered official TERA lore, and does not influence the story of TERA in any way.

They say from up high, people look like ants. They don’t. They look like specks of agitated dust as I cruise past them. I can feel them looking up at us, at Me, in awe.

I have ridden horses, lions, bears, and beasts of many varieties, but ever since we got the skycycles, I have spent every spare moment travelling our world up in the clouds.

I am glad we have these new tools to fight the argons, the darkness, and the enemies of all our peoples. But for now I am just enjoying the sensation of zipping along, looking down on the farms and forests below. I feel like a god myself, riding this mechanical wonder, arcannon at my back and my HB construct at my side.

Truly amazing! In speed, acceleration, and flexibility, skycycles rival dragons for mastery of the sky, and are as agile as the nimblest of war mounts. I flown around the Island of Dawn in a time I would not have thought possible without teleportation scrolls.

Is this the next step for our world? Are we all meant to live, work, and fight among the clouds and stars? I think I understand now why the ancient temples flew so far above us. The Gods must love the sky because from there they can see and protect all the little specks of dust that we are.

Now, with these marvels of science and magic, we can protect them as well.

Duty calls. my love. Maybe I can convince that Commander Dougal to let me take a second skycycle home, so we can fly above the clouds and try to capture a star of our very own.

In Kaia’s name,

P.S. Please be careful feeding Snowball. He seemed a bit moody when I got this assignment, and I don’t think he likes me spending so much time on a skycycle. For a dragon, he really is kind of a big baby, no?

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