Fang and Feather

Archer Class Revamp | Harrowhold Raid Dungeon | Dreamstorm Returns | Guild-versus-Guild Returns

Fang and Feather is available now! This exciting update features a revamped archer class, a brand-new 30-player raid dungeon pitting players against the biggest of Big-Ass Monsters, and much more!

Archer: Reloaded!

Archer: Reloaded!/

New Skills and Mechanics

TERA’s nimble strategist is getting a new set of strings, with new skills, new mechanics, and a whole new way to play! Here’s a look at the changes:

  • Find Weakness allows you to treat your next attack as an attack from the rear, regardless of your relative position.

  • Chase allows you to charge forward up to 16m, to keep a fleeing foe in range of your attacks!

  • Focus: Select skills now generate Focus, a stackable buff that reduces the charging time of the archer’s high-damage attacks, Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow.

  • Arrow: A successful hit with this basic attack generates one stack of Focus.

  • Rapid Fire now does triple damage for the first hit, and 10% more damage for each subsequent hit. A successful hit with this attack generates one stack of Focus.

  • Final Salvo has been replaced with Sequential Fire, a quick follow-up attack that cancels the stagger effect from Penetrating Arrow, Radiant Arrow, and Thunderbolt. A successful hit from Sequential Fire generates 3 stacks of Focus and deals significantly more damage than Final Salvo did previously.

  • Thunderbolt’s damage has been doubled.

  • Poison Arrow’s cast time has been drastically reduced.

  • Rain of Arrows’ damage has been increased, with a new attack mechanic. If your first shot is an attack from the rear, all subsequent shots will be as well!

  • Backstep and Breakaway Bolt now allow movement in any direction.

  • Sniper’s Eye’s effect has changed. It now grants 7% more damage against all monsters instead of 5% more damage against just bosses as it did previously.

  • Incendiary Trap Arrow now deals 20% more damage.

  • Slow Trap Arrow now allows you to trigger the trap at will, with a second press of the skill button.

New Raid Dungeon: Harrowhold

Behold the Dragonsire

This update introduces TERA’s biggest raid dungeon yet to put your skill and determination to the ultimate test: Harrowhold.

Somewhere between the world of mortals and the realm of the gods lies the celestial gatehouse known as Harrowhold and it has fallen under attack by the most powerful dragon in existence: Vergos, the Dragonsire. Once the gods’ mightiest scourge against evil, Vergos became corrupted and had to be destroyed. But the gods failed to finish the beast, and now it has come seeking revenge.

  • Location—Velika Outskirts Dock
  • Difficulty
  • Required Level—65
  • Recommended Number of Players—30 players (raid)
  • Weekly Entry Limit—1/week
  • Bosses—Vergos, Aquadrax, Ignidrax, Terradrax, Umbradrax
  • Loot—Vergos’s Fangs, Scales, Horns, and Bones (for crafting Behemoth gear out of Ambush gear); Vergos’s Copper, Silver, and Chests (with a chance of containing Ambush gear); and Vergos’s Head (which triggers the follow-up quest “Requiem for a Dragon”)

Read through the Harrowhold game guide or watch the video overview above for details on how to prepare for and face the father of all dragons!

Dreamstorm Returns


A Storm is Brewing

TERA’s Dreamstorm is back! Return to Northern Arun to defend the oneiric generators from waves of archdevans and their demokron shock troops.

The Stuff of Dreams

When federation engineers brought down the Storm Barrier surrounding Northern Arun, it was a major blow to the archdevan forces besieging Highwatch. Since then, the archdevans have attempted to rebuild the barrier by tampering with the fabric of the Dream. Their efforts cause local distortions in the Dream, which left unchecked could spill over to rest of the world.

Answer the Call!

The Dreamstorm is a level 65 world event that takes place only in Northern Arun. Even if you’re not one of the first 30 players on-site to get the quest, you still can help repel hordes of archdevans and demokrons to prevent them from destroying the reality-stabilizing oneiric generators.

Find out more about this event on our Dreamstorm game guide, and keep the Dreamstorm schedule handy (so you’re not left out of the quest rewards).


Guild-versus-Guild Returns


Guild-on-Guild Violence

Guild-versus-Guild battles are back in TERA, and it’s time to stand up and be counted! Fang and Feather features several updates to the Guild Leveling system, along with various improvements to Civil Unrest: Velika.

And just to make things that much easier, you can now declare GvG battle against other guilds right from the Guild UI. Just pay a declaration fee (from your guild funds) and have at it!

Fang and Feather is available now as a free update!

View the full patch notes for this update.

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