Federation Bills

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What Are Federation Bills?

Federation bills are En Masse's way of rewarding TERA players just for playing our game. Many things we used to offer just aren’t available anymore, and the federation bill store gives our players a means to get them again. There are plenty of other goodies and treats that will be available for purchase from Tikat, the in-game merchant!

How Do I Get Federation Bills?

Chances are you've already got some! One way to get federation bills is by logging in. Every day, once per day, when you log into TERA, you receive five federation bills.

In the future, we will roll out new methods for obtaining federation bills, like contest prizes and event participation. Keep an eye peeled! You never know when or where federation bills will show up!

Note that federation bills are not tradable—but you can put them in your bank, so you can share them with all your characters across your account.

What Can I Buy with Federation Bills?

You can use federation bills to buy all sorts of goods that can’t be purchased anywhere else—not even from the TERA Store. These goods range from XP and reputation boosts to cosmetics and even templates.

The exact inventory of purchasable items may change from time to time, and we’ll continuously strive to improve what’s available to buy with federation bills. So keep checking in with the federation bills merchant!

How Do I Access the Federation Bills Store?

You can spend federation bills by talking to Tikat—an exclusive merchant in towns all over the world of TERA. But Tikat is not available in the three major cities. That means you can access the federation bills store in any town except Velika, Allemantheia, or Kaiator.

Still confused? Check out our Federation Bill FAQ.

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