Achievements track your progress in various tasks—and reward you for reaching milestones in those tasks.

What Are Achievements?

The simple explanation of achievements is they’re a way of keeping track of your progress in various aspects of TERA: how many monsters you’ve killed, how much gold you’ve acquired, and so on.

The game tracks these for you automatically and notifies you when you’ve reached a milestone. You’ve no doubt seen a message pop up on your screen like this: “You’ve achieved <Money Talks> !”—that’s an achievement.

TERA UI, Money Talks Achievement, Castanic

Why Do I Want Achievements?

Achievements themselves don’t really affect play; no matter how many ghilliedhus you kill, it doesn’t change your stats. However, if you get the right set of achievements, it unlocks rewards that you might find very desirable: such as extra inventory slots, special weapons, exclusive mounts, and so on.

So, in essence, you’re getting cool stuff for putting in a little extra effort toward specific goals.

TERA Exclusive Rewards, Special Mount

How Do I Get Achievements?

For the most part, you get achievements for doing things you were probably doing, anyway: killing monsters, collecting loot, finishing quests, leveling up, and so on.

Sometimes, though, achievements are tied to specific events, some of which you have a little less control over. For example, an achievement might involve doing battle against a specific opponent only found in a specific dungeon—such as inflicting critical damage ten times on Meldita in the dungeon Argon Corpus, earning yourself the “Where Is Thy Sting?” achievement.

Because many of these achievements require that you accomplish the task multiple times, you might find you have to repeat a dungeon again and again before you unlock the achievement. And some tasks—like defeating the final boss of a dungeon—can of course only be completed once for each time you enter that particular dungeon.

What Achievements Are Available?

The list of achievements is long and changes from time to time, so you’ll want to look at the list in-game. To do so, just click the Activities Menu icon, then select Achievements. (The hotkey for this is V.) There are several categories of achievements listed down the left-hand side; the specific achievements for those categories are listed on the right.

TERA Achievements UI, Mob

What’s the Best Way to Get Achievements?

If you’re really interested in collecting achievements, you’ll want to get in the habit of browsing the achievements listings. Look for the ones with some sort of icon in the upper right-hand corner, because those are the ones that offer rewards. Click on the “+” in the lower right-hand corner to see what the reward is, and if you’re interested, make a note of which achievements you’ll need.

Some rewards only require that you complete one achievement, but the rare ones require multiple achievements, and the really rare ones require that you complete multiple difficult achievements.

What Else Do I Get?

You’ve probably noticed that many players have some sort of title attached to their names, like “Speedy” or “Tough as Nails.” Players get these by completing achievements, and set which one they want to display through their character menu. (Press “P” and click on the drop-down box right above your character’s head.)

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