How to Gear Up for TERA PvP

You don’t need gear of a certain level to contribute to a guild-versus-guild battle, enter Fraywind Canyon, or fight it out in open-world PvP, but the right gear can make a difference in whether you live or die. TERA has a range of PvP gear, and you can work up to the best with some hard work and dedication.

TERA Battlegrounds

Hard Work

The Argon Queen update brought new dungeons to TERA. New dungeons mean new armor and new weapons—including some suitable for PvP. Meldita, the final boss in Argon Corpus, drops armor and weapons from the tier 13 PvP victor’s set. The Nexus Sovereign in Nexus Traverse drops not only the victor’s set, but also Fraywind armor pieces.


If you’ve already built up some Agnitor reputation, buying tier 12 and tier 13 armor and weapons from the Agnitor merchant in Zulfikar Fortress may be the fastest way to gear up. If your Agnitor rep is lacking, you can quickly build it by doing daily quests and battling in the Nexus and Nexus Traverse.

When you fight in Fraywind Canyon, you’ll build up Bellicarium credits, which you can use to purchase tier 13 Fraywind armor and weapons. When you enchant Fraywind gear, you’ll get PvP benefits every time.

Either hard work or dedication can get you part of the way there, but the best PvP gear in the game—the conjunct and visionmaker sets—relies on a bit of both. Both tier 14 PvP sets are crafted—you can’t buy them from a merchant and they won’t drop off any boss.

You can purchase conjunct recipes with Bellicarium credits. The conjunct set requires a piece of the Fraywind set as well as the corresponding piece of the Agnitor’s nexus set. You then have to meld the two together with a few items from Bellicarium and Agnitor vendors.

The visionmaker set is trickier to come by. The pattern is a drop off the final boss in Argon Corpus (either mode), Fane of Kaprima (hard mode only), Manaya's Core (hard mode only), and Balder's Temple (hard mode only). Because the recipe creates a bind-on-pickup item, your character will need to do the crafting personally. In addition to the high-end crafting parts typical for that gear, you’ll need kaelic sparks from gathering, cyasmic oil bought with Invalesco credits, argon vitriol from argon bosses, chaos blocks bought with Agnitor credits, victory’s trophies bought with Bellicarium credits, and Shandra’s quills off Shandra Manaya herself. But the payoff is spectacular. See?


Crystals and Jewelry

TERA’s vendors have a useful variety of PvP crystals. Red and blue PvP crystals don’t stack, so you shouldn’t socket your gear with four crystals of the same effect. However, some PvP crystals repeat effects of similar PvE crystals. Choose crystals that augment your skills and play style.

PvP means lots of death, and lots of death means crystal loss if playing GvG or Outlawed. Having specific crystals for PvP means not risking the PvE crystals you don’t want to lose.

Grieving Crux Immediately regenerates 79 MP when attacked by a player.
Pristine Grieving Crux Immediately regenerates 92 MP when attacked by a player.
Fine Grieving Crux Immediately regenerates 106 MP when attacked by a player.
Salivating Crux Immediately regenerates 60 MP when attacking a player.
Pristine Salivating Crux Immediately regenerates 71 MP when attacked by a player.
Fine Salivating Crux Immediately regenerates 81 MP when attacked by a player.

Some players may find it useful to increase health by using relentless cruxes, though they are not PvP specific.

Relentless Crux Increases maximum HP by 3,561.
Pristine Relentless Crux Increases maximum HP by 4,184.
Fine Relentless Crux Increases maximum HP by 4,808.

While no jewelry has specific PvP effects, the new PvP crystals are all green, so you’ll need jewelry slotted to take green crystals (called zyrks). You can get rings with slots using Shariar, Hyderad Legacy, or Valsekyr credits. Invalesco credits will get you earrings with slots. Slotted rings and earrings also drop from the last bosses in Argon Queen dungeons (Sirjuka Gallery, Argon Corpus, and Manaya’s Core). The PvP zyrks come from Agnitor merchants, from hunting level 60 BAMs, or from the trade broker.

Griefing Zyrk PvP attack increases by a factor of 2.
Indomitable Zyrk PvP defense increases by a factor of 3.
Pristine Griefing Zyrk PvP attack increases by a factor of 4.
Pristine Indomitable Zyrk PvP defense increases by a factor of 5.

Of course, specific classes may find some PvE crystals to be just as useful in PvP. Plan it out ahead of time, and make the PvE-to-PvP switch easy. Use the Character screen to remember an “outfit” with the gear and crystals you want. Then you’ll be ready for ganking at a moment’s notice!

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