Sigil Adstringo

TERA's fifth instanced dungeon is Sigil Adstringo. This dungeon is meant for a full group of five characters, levels 58–60, including at least one tank, one damage dealer, and one healer. Not only will you face four tough bosses, but also an entire zone full of challenging opponents. This dungeon is accessible through the Instance Matching system.

It is especially important for the party leader to set the loot options in this dungeon, as several bosses have a chance to drop “bind-on-pickup” (BoP) equipment. Once a piece of this gear is assigned, it cannot be traded, even between players on the same server.

  • Overview

    The ancient dragon Skulregnath is working with the nagas to resurrect the god Dagon—in return for everlasting life!


    The Story so Far...

    In the southernmost province of Shara, a moss-covered temple complex holds secrets and mysteries of the nagas. In addition to their already nefarious plans, the nagas have reached out to the vile dragon Skulregnath for assistance.

    Their combined power (not to mention that of Dagon's, should he return) is a serious threat to the safety of citizens on all continents, and their alliance must be shattered.

    Luckily, dragons are devious and notoriously untrusting, and Skulregnath is no exception. Fearing betrayal from his naga allies, the dragon has sealed himself off behind a teleportal, allowing access to only his most trusted lieutenants. Federation spies have obtained the key necessary to enter his lair—one of the dragon's own scales—and it's your job to take him down.

  • How to Enter the Dungeon

    This section will walk you through the quests and encounters leading up to and inside Sigil Adstringo. The tactics presented are suggested by players like you and draw on extensive play experience, but are not absolute guarantees of success. As with all things TERA, player skill and a healthy amount of common sense are what you'll need to win—but we've included a few tips, too.

    NOTE: TERA's Instance Matching system does not advance or grant quests for dungeons. It is highly recommended that you proceed to Val Palrada in Southern Shara and work through the following quests before you queue for Sigil Adstringo.

    Quest Title Min Level Starting NPC
    The Immortal Dragon 58 Lauma
  • 1. A Trip to the Jungle

    New orders from the federation have arrived—report to Val Palrada and investigate rumors of the naga/dragon alliance. Upon arriving, you find a teleportal outside the ruined Temple of Dagon. After examining it, proceed to Heiatha at Camp Venom, who has already done some preliminary scouting.

    Quest Title Min Level Starting NPC
    The Crux of the Horror 58 Heiatha (Must have completed The Immortal Dragon)
  • 2.  A Leap of Faith

    Heiatha intercepted a naga courier on a scouting mission, and discovered not only how to access the teleportal, but also how to defeat Skulregnath.

    In pursuit of immortality, Skulregnath split its life force into fragments and embedded them into its minions. You must enter the teleportal, find and defeat these minions, and then kill the dragon itself.

    No pressure.


  • 3.  Down the Rabbit Hole

    Heiatha's scouting mission was fast and frightening, but she collected some data on Skulregnath's lieutenants. What she didn't mention was that argonified creatures seem to line the path to each of them.


    There is some good news. While all mobs in the area are dangerous, most can be avoided by careful players. However, certain mobs enjoy attacking more than others (like the tyraks pictured above), and these attacks carry a serious movement debuff.

    Don't panic. Or try not to, anyway. Once a few party members are slowed, your easy travel can degenerate quickly into a massacre. Stick together and avoid the tyraks, and you'll be fine. What you do not want is to drag a long train of mobs to...

  • 4. Evignar

    The first of Skulregnath's soul fragments resides in this decidedly non-standard teralith. While it shares some attacks with monsters you've faced in the past, it's got a few surprises for you as well.


    One minute after the fight starts (and every minute thereafter), six myconars will spawn and rush to Evignar. This can be really tricky for your tank and melee damage dealers, since their attacks reduce defense and HP regeneration. Their arrival also coincides with Evignar's biggest and most damaging attacks.

    All non-tanks should take out the adds immediately—they won't disappear on their own. And if the fight lasts longer than 15 minutes, Evignar will become enraged, boosting all damage.

  • 5. Some Shall Pass


    The next obstacle you'll face is a locked and guarded gate. Engaging the eldritch cleaver will open the gate, but you still need to kill it. Also, watch out for iknephars in this area while you travel; they're the ones with the slowing attacks this time.

    And as before, try not to bring an angry line of monsters along to...

  • 6. Harkyriss

    Harkyriss is not the dragon you are looking for. Not all of it, anyway. But it does possess the second fragment of Skulregnath, so it has to go!

    Harkyriss is a flier, and will rise above the battlefield fairly regularly. A well-timed taunt or stun might slow this down, but sooner or later it's going up, and will execute a variety of attacks while it's there.


    When you see three red targeting circles, just run. While classes that can block might be tempted to gut it out, you'll need to hold that block until the lingering fireball fades or you'll take some pretty hefty damage.

    Another thing to watch out for is exactly where you are fighting this boss. If you move too far toward the edge of the plaza, it will break aggro and hightail it back to the center. Be careful when this happens, since it might also drop a fireball while moving.

    At 70, 35, and 20 percent HP, Harkyriss will summon eight dracoloths. Each will stick around long enough to fly into the air, execute a three-fireball combo, and then disappear. Tanks should try to maintain boss aggro while running, but you can always get it back later if necessary.


    Like Evignar, if this fight lasts longer than 15 minutes Harkyriss will become enraged.

  • 7.  Tungkan

    Defeating Harkyriss will spawn the final servant of Skulregnath, in a pond to the west of the plaza. Along the path, try to avoid any mekonari magisters—they're the mobs with the slowing attacks. You should know the drill by now.


    Great Chief Tungkan is a powerful tuwangi warlord, and it's not alone. The sorcerer Nuroppy, while not possessed of a piece of Skulregnath's soul, is still a formidable opponent.


    While the traditional doctrine of “kill all the adds as fast as you can” holds true for this boss fight, you might consider leaving Nuroppy around a while. While it rarely performs a direct attack, it constantly uses a rolling “argon ball” which applies the Tuwangi Blood Haze status to any character it hits.

    This may sound disastrous, but it's not the worst problem in the world to have. This effect stacks up to ten times, increasing attack power and attack speed dramatically for 30 seconds. The catch? It also applies a small damage-over-time (DoT) effect each time, and every 45 seconds Nuroppy will summon a fresh wave of tuwangi troopers for you to fight, heaping on the damage.

    And then there's Tungkan. While it's true that once you kill the boss, the fight is over, it's by no means a sure thing. Tungkan has a powerful sweeping attack, and also jumps up for a devastating frog belly flop.

    Three minutes after combat starts, the great chief will summon two wendigo ragers to cause trouble.


    And if that wasn't bad enough, when Tungkan's HP drops to 50, 30, and 10 percent, an argon machine appears. This you do want gone—it will heal any and all mobs in the area over time!


    Managing your aggro in this fight is fairly important. If your tank can keep Tungkan away from the center of the pond, your damage dealers can handle everything else. And just like the last two bosses, after 15 minutes of fighting, Tungkan will enrage.

  • 8. Skulregnath

    Once Tungkan is defeated, the dragon's influence over this area is severely weakened. Enough so that the mandrake warden Tumba is freed, and can teleport you directly to Skulregnath.

    You may have fought some dragons before, but Skulregnath is in a class by itself. Even in its weakened state, not everyone who gets to this point is getting out alive.


    So here's what you need to know. This fight is far and away the most complex you've faced so far, but the battles leading up to it in Sigil Adstringo have shown you how to win.

    In addition to easily recognizable attacks, like swipes, breath weapons, tramples, and tail slams, Skulregnath randomly creates a 360-degree field of damage.


    Not only does this attack apply a powerful DoT effect, but also an equally powerful area-of-effect (AoE) stun centered on anyone standing in it. When you see this come down, just run. There's plenty of space to fight—for now.

    Static defense characters like lancers and berserkers need to change up their tactics with Skulregnath. The DoT and stun effects are very large, and even though your block might protect you, it does nothing when the dragon moves forward and knocks you down. It also puts an end to any melee dps, and the clock is certainly ticking on this fight.

    So you'll have to keep moving to stay alive. As long as Skulregnath is chasing your tank, it exposes itself to all sorts of damage while trying to get at the tank's tasty HP. Everyone should pay attention to it's big attack tells, and get clear as soon as possible.

    Speaking of damage, at 80 and 35 percent HP, a pylon will appear in the middle of the field. Anyone who is not the tank should take it out immediately, as it is responsible for the sudden appearance of...

    Skulregnathteraliths Skulregnathdraongs

    Take down the pylon to tidy up the battlefield and give your tank some much-needed running room. This may seem like simple common sense, but Skulregnath's bag of tricks isn't empty quite yet.


    After you reduce Skulregnath to 40 percent of its starting HP, iknephars will spawn around the periphery of combat every 20 seconds, moving closer to the center with each new spawn. If your party cannot defeat the dragon within two minutes of this event, it's highly unlikely you'll survive to see loot drop given the density of opponents and all the AoE damage now on the battlefield.


    Like all bosses in this dungeon, Skulregnath becomes enraged in any battle lasting longer than 15 minutes.

  • 9.  Many Happy Returns

    If you've defeated Skulregnath and turned in The Crux of the Horror quest, you have the option to fight through the dungeon again for quest credit.

    Quest Title NPC Task
    Suppression Orders: Sigil Adstringo Heiatha (Must have completed The Crux of the Horror ) Destroy Skulregnath and its servants.

    If you plan on running through Sigil Adstringo again (either to finish an incomplete quest or work on the repeatable quest), consider using the Instance Matching system to find a party. Not only will it teleport you directly into the dungeon, but you'll be guaranteed a tank to manage the bosses (especially if it's you)! But be careful: as mentioned earlier, if you are matched with characters several (or many) levels lower than yourself, this will adversely affect both drop rates and the XP you'll earn.

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