TERA's Endgame

Above all else, TERA is a game, and your enjoyment of it will depend a lot on memories of special moments and accomplishments you gain on your way to max level. But once you've played through 60 levels of pulse-pounding action combat, completed thousands of quests, fought your way through millions of monsters, what then?

Plenty. TERA's endgame is full of things to do, and some would say it's a reward in and of itself. Here are just a few of the things you can do at level 60, or rather, after it.

Bigger BAMs

Big-Ass Monsters. You've been fighting them since level 20, and have earned some of the game's best rewards while doing it. Now you've got a chance to fill out your list of achievements, and earn some even rarer rewards in the process.


Bigger Dungeons

You might think 60 levels of dungeon-crawling would be enough for anyone, but now the real work begins. TERA has "hard mode" versions available for five of our toughest dungeons, giving you nearly a dozen options for high-level adventuring. You'll need to bring both your "A" game and best gear, but our instance matching system will set you up with players like yourself looking for a superior experience.

Fight, FIGHT!

At max level, guild versus guild combat gets downright nasty. TERA has a wide selection of PvP gear available for truly "dedicated" players, and the more of it you have, the better your chance you'll of living long enough to counter-attack.

TERA Lancer


New Day, New Challenges

Some things in TERA can't just be purchased; they have to be earned. From the halls of Velika to the argon front, power brokers vie for influence in all parts of federation society. Six factions want your allegiance, and they are prepared to reward anyone who assists them.

To earn the respect of these factions, just play the game. Quest rewards in high-level zones also include reputation rewards, and killing monsters in those zones can increase your standing with certain factions as well. You can even quest on the behalf of the factions through special daily missions. Every action you take brings you closer to unlocking powerful rewards from a faction's dedicated vendors.

TERA Factions

And Another Thing...

Oh, and we're not done yet! TERA is an evolving game, and we continually evaluate player feedback as we develop new features to release. Later this year, look for battlegrounds, expanded dungeons, new enemies to conquer, and more!

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