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There are three types of armor in TERA, and each class has its own signature weapon. Armor is shared across both classes and roles, and is not gender-specific until worn. Specific abilities of garments may vary from class to class.

For information on dyeing your armor, see the dyeing your gear guide page.

TERA Types of Armor, High Elf, Human, Castanic

Sorcerers, mystics, and priests wear robes, cloth shoes, and sleeves.

Light Armor

Warriors, slayers, and archers wear hauberks, boots, and leather gloves.

Heavy Armor

Lancers and berserkers wear armor, greaves, and gauntlets.

Selecting Your Stuff

There are four ways to get better equipment in TERA: find it, earn it, craft it, or buy it. The first two happen naturally as you quest. If you can't wait, you should try the other two.


Equipment in TERA is ordered in grades, with each grade covering a 5 level range. Crafting your own equipment can maximize its effectiveness, though each type of weapon or armor needs a different kind of raw material. You'll need to find or buy recipes as you progress, with higher-level recipes requiring hard-to-find runes and accessories. For more information about crafting in TERA, jump to Crafting.


Extraction is one of several skills that “makes something out of nothing.” If you have a piece of equipment you can't use anymore, or is for another class, if your skill matches the grade of the item you can render it into raw materials. Scrolls teaching extraction levels are available at general vendors.

Award Token Equipment

In addition to XP, some quests and monsters offer award tokens. You can exchange these tokens for armor, weapons, and consumable items at specialty vendors in major cities. This equipment can have a set selection of abilities or may be enchantable.

Unified Theory of Equipment

All TERA equipment (crafted or otherwise) has a few things in common. When selecting which equipment to wear or craft, you should keep in mind your stats, the properties of your desired items, the number of crystal slots it has, and your level.


Weapons are something that all character classes can agree on. You will always want the most powerful weapons you can beg, buy, or kill a monster to get. Like other gear you can equip, weapons come in tiers, and the higher the tier the more powerful the weapon.

No matter the stats, you should never equip a lower tier weapon than the one you're using, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should always upgrade. Not right away, at least. If an equipped lower tier weapon better matches your level, keep using it, especially if it has a special ability you like. Just be aware that if you keep a weapon for five or more levels past its prime, all you're really getting out of it are those special abilities.

Weapons have three universal characteristics, no matter which class uses them.

TERA High Elf, Weapon Characteristics
  • Attack Modifier: Your character's Attack stat determines how much base damage you do. Your weapon adds significantly to this total.
  • Extra Damage: Your character's Knockdown stat determines the likelihood of putting an opponent on the ground while fighting, and varies widely by class. Extra Damage on a weapon increases your chance of knocking an enemy down.
  • Additional MP: Equipping a weapon raises your maximum MP.


Armor tiers are the same as those for weapons, and follow the same rules. "Armor" here refers to all kinds and slots (metal, leather, and cloth for main body, hands, and feet).

Armor has different base abilities than weapons, but they effectively work the same.

TERA Human, Armor Characteristics
  • Defense Modifier: Your character's Defense stat is the second-most-effective way to reduce damage (the first being "don't get hit"). The higher this value, the less damage you will take. But seriously, don't get hit.
  • Balance Modifier: If you're not standing, you're not attacking. More importantly, you can't get out of the way of attacks if you can't move. Not getting knocked down is a big deal. The higher your Balance stat, the better off you'll be.
  • Additional MP: Equipping armor pieces increases your maximum MP.

Everything Else

Jewelry has no crafting skill, but necklaces, rings, and earrings also modify your character's stats in the same way as weapons and armor. They rarely have special abilities, but the better the piece, the more likely you'll want to keep it for a while.

  • Necklaces and rings: Attack Modifier, Extra Damage, and Additional MP (as per weapons)
  • Earrings: Defense Modifier, Balance Modifier, and Additional HP (as per armor)

You may have noticed that your gear has a level as well, and that two pieces of the same type and tier might have different values. The average of all your gear generates your gear score. This number is mostly meaningless, but it’s something to consider when using the instance matching system. As a guarantee that you’re not wasting your and others’ time in a dungeon, you’ll need a minimum average score to enter dungeons through the instance matcher.

However, if you’re just going in with your friends, or a group composed entirely from your own server, you won’t have to worry about your item level—but it’s still a good idea to have gear suited to your level.

Customizing Your Character

Although equipment can look the same, how it's used and what it does varies wildly from player to player. TERA allows you to select the right equipment for the right situation, and customize it to suit your play style.


Available as quest rewards, item drops, or purchasable from vendors, enhancement crystals change the abilities of your weapons and armor in fantastic ways. Extra HP or MP, increased defense, or any number of special effects can alter your fights. TERA also allows you to switch out equipment situationally, so it's a good idea to stock up on multiple types of effects!

Each weapon or main armor has a number of crystal slots available. Be careful though—if you die in combat, there's a chance for one or more crystals to shatter!

TERA Elin, Crystals


Certain items are “primed,” meaning that in addition to already cool abilities, you can enchant them for even more powers. These weapons are found or created “enigmatic,” — use an identification scroll available from any general vendor to discover their true abilities and potential.

Using a bonding agent also available from the vendor, you can combine a primed item and item of the same grade and type (weapons for weapons, armor for armor) through the enchanting interface (T).

If successful, your item's level and stats will increase, unlocking new abilities.

TERA Castanic, Enchanting

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