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Note: The remodeling and dyeing system will soon be removed from game.

Remodeling and Dyeing


You’ve got style. And you want to show it. Sometimes even the finest items you can find, craft, or earn just don’t meet your exacting fashion requirements. And don’t you just hate it when you have to give up an item that suited your look perfectly?

You don’t have to. With the help of equipment remodelers, you can choose a new look for your weapons and armor or remake new equipment in the image of the old. Equipment remodelers hold the key.

How Does Remodeling Work?

Visit an equipment remodeler in the city of your choice. The remodeler in Velika is in Notus Alley, just behind the Plaza of the Huntress. The equipment remodeler will give you two choices: you can remodel an item to look like one you already own or purchase templates to remake your possessions into something new.

If you already have an eligible weapon you want to use as a model, choose Remodel. Your screen will change to a preview that allows you to see what your item will look like after the transformation. Use the controls near the bottom of the screen to rotate the view.

TERA Armor Remodel Preview

When you’re ready to remodel your equipment, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click the item you want to remodel and keep. It will appear in one of the upper slots in the Remodel pane (and disappear from your inventory or character profile).
  2. Right-click the item you want to use as a visual model for your remodeling project—in other words, the item that has the appearance you want to duplicate. It will appear in the slot below the item to be remodeled (and disappear from your inventory). When both items are in place, the remodel fee will appear near the bottom of the pane.
  3. Click Remodel.

TERA Armor Remodel Window

The equipment you used as a visual model will be destroyed. The remodeled item will now look exactly like the visual model, but will retain all of its original properties. (Note: the thumbnail of the weapon in your character profile and your inventory will not change.)

Buying Templates

If you don’t have an eligible item to use for a visual model, or simply want to try something different, you can choose Equipment Templates to purchase a template for your new look. This menu looks and works like any other merchant window with a tab for weapons, and one for each of the three types of armor. Each tab also has multiple pages, giving you plenty of choices.

Choices appropriate to your class will be highlighted, while those your class cannot use will be dark and blue. If you control-right-click a weapon that your character can use or a piece of armor your character can wear, it will open up the preview window and show how your character will look with that item.

Once you’ve purchased a template, choose Remodel and proceed as before. Choose the item you want to remodel and keep first, followed by the template item you just purchased, and then click Remodel. Be aware that the template item you purchased will be destroyed in the remodeling process, so be sure before you click. You had to kill a lot of orcans, Lokians, and argons to pay for that template.

TERA Armor Remodel Store Details

What Can I Remodel?

Check the item descriptions on the gear in your Inventory or Profile for the following terms that dictate whether you can remodel them or use them as templates to remodel other items.

  • Remodelable: An item with this term in its description can be remodeled with the appearance of another item.
  • Eligible as Template: An item with this label can be used to change the appearance of another item.

What if I Change My Mind?

You’re in luck! Standing near the equipment remodeler is an appearance restorer who will—for a price—remove the appearance modification and restore the weapon to its original look. The item you used as a template will not be restored, however. It’s gone for good.

When you’re ready to restore your equipment’s original appearance, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Restore Equipment Appearance from the appearance restorer’s pane.
  2. Right-click the item you want to restore. It will disappear from your inventory or character profile and appear in the Restore Appearance pane. The fee will appear near the bottom of the pane.
  3. Click Restore Appearance.


You finally have it: the best leg armor your character can wear at this level. Only one problem: it's bright orange.

Dyes are the answer. You can either buy premade dyes or make your own. Here's how to start.

What Can I Dye?

Dyes work on any type of armor–cloth, leather, and metal–so long as it has the word “dyeable” in the description. You use a single vial of dye per item, and you can use different colors on each piece of armor–body, hands, and feet.

TERA Dyeable Item

Where Do I Get Dyes?

You can buy dyes from dye merchants in any major city. The cheapest dyes last only 24 hours of game time and offer just a few shades for you to pick from. Spectral dyes are pricier, but last 168 hours (seven days) of game time and give you a wider variety of shades. Munsell dye is perhaps the best (and possibly the most expensive) dye in the game. It also lasts seven days, but allows you to fine-tune your colors. You can't purchase munsell dye, though—you must make it yourself. Making your own dyes, though, is where the real fun begins.

TERA Dye Merchant

How Do I Make Dye?

To make dyes you need empty vials, dye kits, and pigment sources. You can buy the first two from the dye merchant, but will need to collect the pigment sources yourself (or spend time scouring the Brokerage). You'll find empty vials on the first page of the Bottled Dyes tab at the merchant, while the kits are on their own tab. (Note: the dye kits will be shaded dark-blue in the vendor window unless some kind soul has set up a campfire nearby. You can still purchase them, but they aren't usable unless you're standing by a fire.)

Pigment Sources

When making dyes, you need a source of pigment. Occasionally when you're gathering plants or minerals, you may see a colorful, unexpected plant or animal drop into your pack. These are your pigment sources. Cochineal beetles make carmine dye, purpurin root makes orange dye, saffron stalks make yellow dye, verdigris flakes make green dye, indigo petals make blue dye, and murex snails make purple dye.

TERA Cohcineal Beetle

For most dyes you'll need around ten samples of a single pigment source. Munsell dye bundles, however, consume some of every source to make a wide range of colors. Want that perfect shade of eggshell blue? You'll have to work for it.

Mixing Your Dyes

Got your pigments? Got vials and a dye kit? Good! All you need now is a campfire. You'll know if you're near one because the dye kit will be shaded dark-red and unusable without one.

Open your inventory and right-click the dye kit. You'll notice you now have enough dye to color a whole suit of armor. The process consumes all of the components–dye kit, vials, and pigment sources–so be sure you really want to use all your verdigris before you start.

TERA Un-applied Dye

How Does Dye Work?

Once you buy or make some dye, open your Inventory, and right-click the vial you want to use to open the Dye window. You'll see a preview of your character. Drag the gear you want to dye from your Inventory into the Item to dye box. You'll have to remove the armor from your profile first. You can't dye armor you're wearing–that'd be messy!

If you click the small, colored vials in the Dye window, you will see a preview of the different shades that particular dye can produce on your armor. Not the colors you expected? Remember, the dye blends with the gear's existing colors. You may need a few tries to find the right combination of colors to get the look you want.

Once you've decided on a particular shade, simply click the Apply dye button. This will change the color of your gear and consume the vial of dye in your Inventory. Be aware that if you have a stack of the same dye in your Inventory, after you click the Apply dye button, the game will automatically slot the next vial from your stack into the Dye window. So don't click the Apply dye button again or you may waste a vial. Also, remember to put your armor back on. You don't want the next BAM laughing at your bare legs.

TERA Applied Dye

Special Dyes

TERA provides two interesting dye types that offer different ways to get distinctive looks: mystery dye and the handmade munsell dye.

Spin the Wheel

Mystery dye is purchased, cheap, and lasts seven days! However, the color is random–you can't even preview how it will look. In the mood for a change? Don't mind if you wear green leggings, purple chest armor, and yellow gloves? This is the dye for you!

Any Color You Want

Looking for a very specific color? Then try to make some munsell dye. Creating munsell dye consumes a lot of resources for a good reason: with this dye, you select not just shades of a single color, but the exact shade and hue you want! When you open the munsell dye, you don't just see colored vials, you also get sliders for red, green, blue, and brightness levels. You can choose every shade from black to white and anything in between. For that “perfect” look, nothing beats munsell dye.

TERA Munsell Dye Sliders

Style is Everything

It will cost a bit of money or time to keep your gear dyed the right color, but you are out there saving the world. You might as well look your best doing it.

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Note: The remodeling and dyeing system will soon be removed from game.