TERA Factions

Factions in TERA are your way to get in good with the locals. Build up your reputation with any number of them by completing quests, running errands, or killing key monsters. Choose wisely, though—most faction quests are daily quests, of which you can only do 10 per day (or 20 for elite players). Inspect each faction carefully before you throw your support behind one of them!

  • TERA Shariar

    The Shariar

    Across the Khanovar Front, volunteer fighters called the Shariar leap into battle with the dreaded argons. Earning neither fortune nor fame, the Shariar wage their war to liberate the occupied territories and vanquish the argon masses. These valiant men and women scout out argon assault teams, sabotage argon technology in Valgurati Stronghold, and fight side by side with the soldiers of the Valkyon Federation. The Shariar have but one rule—everyone fights. The Shariar don’t put up with cowards who hide in the rear echelon, content to let their backsides grow fat through inaction.

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  • TERA Invalesco

    The Invalesco

    The Mysterium, recognizing the argons as an existential threat, formed an elite branch of researchers, the Invalesco, to work day and night on defeating the metallic invaders. The Invalesco go where other researchers won’t—straight into argon territory. They risk their lives gathering data that will one day win the war. You must be brave to be a soldier. You must be smart to be Mysterium. You must be both to be Invalesco.

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  • TERA Hands of Velika

    The Hands of Velika

    The human capital Velika is far from the Argon War’s front lines, but the war drives the city’s industry. Certain wealthy merchants formed the Hands of Velika in response to the Valkyon Federation’s slow, inefficient attempts to solve the supply and refugee problems. The Hands are master scroungers, gathering raw material for the war effort and supplies for the home front. While they make money, that’s not the point—they make a difference.

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  • TERA Hyderad Legacy

    The Hyderad Legacy

    Working from the lush valleys of Balder's Refuge, the members of the Hyderad Legacy strive to show, by word and deed, that we may live in harmony with the world rather than in opposition to it. They promote sustainable agrarianism and preserve the relics of the gods Balder and Seren. The Hyderad Legacy fights to protect the past, not dominate the future.

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  • TERA Valsekyr Hunt

    The Valsekyr Hunt

    In the far north of the Sharan continent, within shouting distance of the argon front, the castanic outpost of Kanstria struggles to survive. Surrounded by the enemy, forgotten by the Valkyon Federation, cut off from aid and supplies, the people of Kanstria exhibit courage in both great deeds and everyday survival.

    While the Valkyon military engages the enemy at the front in bloody skirmishes and large-scale battles, the Valsekyr Hunt—an informal fellowship of hunters headquartered in Kanstria—seeks the pride and glory that can come only from battling their foes one-on-one. Those who embrace the Hunt can expect to face daily encounters with the toughest argons in the province.

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  • TERA Agnitor

    The Agnitor

    The Agnitor is a subgroup of the Mysterium, focused specifically on nexuses and the creatures that emerge from them. They believe that by really understanding the power of the nexus—and finding a way to harness that power—they will be able to find the answer that will end the Argon War. Their quests revolve mostly around going into nexuses and coming out with samples and examples of whatever is inside. The Agnitor primarily perform their experiments in secret, but no one has any cause to doubt their commitment to the cause...right?

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  • TERA Jax Trust

    Jax Trust

    Jax Trust is shady. Everyone knows it. They’re who you go to when you need…favors. Usually pretty big favors that you can’t get any other way. They may not charge you upfront, but they’ll usually request a favor in return. Not right away, but in time. And if you can’t pay up when the times comes…well, you may start to rethink how important your request really was in the first place.

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  • TERA Unified Theory Institute

    Unified Theory Institute

    Unified Theory Institute is determined to find the unity within the world of TERA. They want to uncover what pulls all the things in the world together—the magic, the physics, the everything else. A subset of the Mysterium, the Unified Theory Institute supports the elves’ more academic approach to magic—learning by thinking, as it were.

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