The Hyderad Legacy

Working from the lush valleys of Balder's Refuge, the members of the Hyderad Legacy strive to show, by word and deed, that we may live in harmony with the world rather than in opposition to it. They promote sustainable agrarianism and preserve the relics of the gods Balder and Seren. The Hyderad Legacy fights to protect the past, not dominate the future.

TERA Hyderad Legacy, Elin

What Are the Hyderad Legacy Rewards?

The Hyderad Legacy believes that good deeds merit unusual awards. While the zyrks and the Hyderad setting ring they sell will serve any soldier well, their headgear is more…whimsical. Whether wearing a starling nestcap or a tuwangi turban, your foes know you aren't afraid of anything, while your friends know you feel no shame.

The Hyderad Legacy focuses on the healing classes, offering items that promote endurance and healing, as well as increasing max MP.

How Do I Tackle the Hyderad Legacy Quests?

Improving your standing with the Hyderad Legacy takes little more than providing some field support and the occasional foray into the Lighthouse of the Sun. Completing missions throughout Balder's Refuge raises your reputation with them. When it reaches Wavering, you receive the “Peaceful Warriors” quest and report to Arisel in the town of Bastion. She welcomes your aid, which unlocks the first set of daily quests (look for the green exclamation points).

Hyderad Legacy Reputation Levels
Suspicious 0–3,000
Apprehensive 0–6,000
Wavering 0–9,000
Neutral 0–12,000
Favorable 0–15,000
Friendly 0–20,000
Trusted 0–25,000
Revered 0–1,000

Each time you reach a new reputation level, the counter resets to zero. Fear not. Your stock continues to rise in the Hyderad Legacy's eyes.

Hyderad Legacy Quests

While each day you can complete ten daily quests, only five may be from any one faction. None of these quests pose a threat to an experienced player, but some take longer to complete, so we’ve rated each quest’s efficiency below. Higher reputation levels unlock more Hyderad Legacy quests—and more variety for you!

Many of the Hyderad Legacy quests take place in the Lighthouse of the Sun. If you get only one quest from the lighthouse, consider taking it, but hold it until you have more dailies for the lighthouse. The lighthouse quests aren't tough, but they take a fair amount of fighting. And be forewarned—you can only enter the lighthouse once per day, so make the most of it! Completing more than one quest in the same run is the best use of your time.

Quest Name Reputation Reward Efficiency Notes
Up the Creek 700 High Simple and quick.
Come Mister Valkyon 700 High Stacks with Nature's Perfect Food.
Trying to Be the Shepherd 700 Medium It's not difficult, but it’s slow.
Scarier Crows 700 Medium Simple fight, but a bit out of the way.
A Chance of Sun 750 Low* Fight your way to the top of the Lighthouse of the Sun, completing objectives along the way.
Keep Off the Grass 700 Medium Simple fight, but a bit out of the way.
Killing Trees to Save Them 750 Medium No fighting, but a moderate amount of running around is required.
First Chance to See 750 Low There are multiple versions of this quest, all of which are fairly time consuming.
Sun Worship 700 Medium Quest objectives are a bit out of the way, and fights are difficult to avoid.
Cleaning the Shed 750 Low* Inside the Lighthouse of the Sun.
Time to Rest 800 Low* Inside the Lighthouse of the Sun.
You're Not on My List 800 Low* Inside the Lighthouse of the Sun.
The Seed Vault 750 Low* Inside the Lighthouse of the Sun.
Balder's Balm 700 High No fighting. Close to other quest objectives.
The Pause That Refreshes 700 High Simple objectives with a small amount of travel.
No Loafing 700 High A slightly longer version of Up the Creek.
Nature's Perfect Food 700 High Stacks with Come Mister Valkyon.

*Quests in the Lighthouse of the Sun become highly efficient if you get more than one.

What Is the Hyderad Legacy?

The Hyderad Legacy is an assemblage of scholars, conservationists, and philosophers who follow the principles laid down by their founder, Hyderad. Hyderad envisioned harmonious coexistence and stewardship rather than constant battle for dominance. He urged everyone to live in balance with the Dream—and each other. Naturally, poporis and elins make up a large percentage of the organization, though anyone may embrace the teachings of Hyderad. They operate primarily out of Bastion, in Balder's Refuge, where they study the effects of magic on local fauna.

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