The Shariar

Across the Khanovar Front, volunteer fighters called the Shariar leap into battle with the dreaded argons. Earning neither fortune nor fame, the Shariar wage their war to liberate the occupied territories and vanquish the argon masses. These valiant men and women scout out argon assault teams, sabotage argon technology in Valgurati Stronghold, and fight side by side with the soldiers of the Valkyon Federation. The Shariar have but one rule—everyone fights. The Shariar don’t put up with cowards who hide in the rear echelon, content to let their backsides grow fat through inaction.

TERA Shariar, Amani

What Are the Shariar Rewards?

Completing daily quests for the Shariar grants rewards of money, reputation points, and Shariar credits—plus the warm feeling that comes from slaying argons. The Shariar quartermasters keep several merchants stocked with unusual items, some cosmetic and others battle worthy. Offer enough gold or Shariar credits, and items such as cunning hats and carving or impacting zyrks can be yours! Keep an eye out for items that will help your impact factor and crit rate, as well as important crafting items.

How Do I Tackle the Shariar Quests?

The first step requires earning the Shariar’s trust. Completing missions on the Khanovar Front improves your standing with them. When your reputation level reaches Wavering, you receive the “Call of the Shariar” quest and report to Kalkzak at Zulfikar Fortress. He extends the formal offer of alliance, which unlocks the first two daily quests for you (look for the green exclamation points).

As your reputation with the Shariar increases, you receive an increase in available daily quests from this faction—three quests per day when Neutral, four quests per day when Favorable, and five quests per day when Friendly or of higher reputation status.

While you can tackle some quests at level 59, others open up only at level 60. If you race to the Khanovar Front to do Shariar dailies and bypass other content, it may actually slow down your progress with the Shariar.

Shariar Reputation Levels
Suspicious 0–3,000
Apprehensive 0–6,000
Wavering 0–9,000
Neutral 0–12,000
Favorable 0–15,000
Friendly 0–20,000
Trusted 0–25,000
Revered 0–1,000

As you reach a new reputation level, the counter resets to zero. Don't worry, the Shariar still like you more than they did.

Shariar Quests

While you can complete ten daily quests, you can obtain no more than five quests from any one faction. None of the Shariar quests pose a threat to an experienced player, but some take longer to complete, so we’ve rated each quest’s efficiency below. Higher reputation levels unlock more Shariar quests—and more variety for you!

Quest Name Reputation Reward Efficiency Notes
A Nightmare on My Street 700 High You will find the argons required for this quest right outside of Zulfikar Fortress.
Waste Not, Want Not 700 Low Acquiring all these items can be time-consuming.
High Value Targets 700 High The targets aren’t tough kills, and they’re near other quest objectives.
Fighting on an Empty Stomach 700 Medium Most quest objectives are close together, but you’ll need to travel to Valgurati Stronghold.
Badge of Honor 700 High The creatures may look tough, but a skilled fighter should have no problem taking them down.
Swarms of Blue and Black 700 High The kelba clawguards travel in packs and are easy to kill.
Strike First, Strike Hard 700 Medium While not particularly tough, it takes place in Valgurati Stronghold, far from other objectives.
Pull Tab to Open 700 High Use the summoning console, and take out these targets quickly.
They Hate Me in That Tunnel 750 Medium While not tough, this quest does send you into the Argon Catacombs.
Tunnel Rats 800 Medium Located deeper into the tunnels of the Argon Catacombs, close to other objectives in that area.
Fluxing the Capacitor 800 Medium Down and down you go into the tunnels of the Argon Catacombs; targets are close to other objectives in that area.
Pulling the Plug 800 Medium Just keep swimming! The Argon Catacombs are extensive. Quest targets are close to other objectives in that area.
One Ring to Find Them 750 Medium While not tough, this quest does send you into the Argon Catacombs.
Myconic Toxicology 750 Medium Another fairly easy Argon Catacombs quest.
Forging the Next Generation 750 High This quest is relatively short but does vary a bit.
No Fighting on an Empty Stomach 700 Medium Most quest objectives are close together, but you’ll be required to travel to Valgurati Stronghold.

Quests in the Argon Catacombs aren’t inherently difficult, but argon response teams ambush you as you move. The deeper you go, the more fights you have. If you get several quests in the catacombs, you can do them all at once for maximum efficiency. Important: you are only allowed to enter the Argon Catacombs once per day, so make sure you complete all the quests before leaving.

Be selective as you talk to the Shariar NPCs in Zulfikar Fortress. If your choices for the day are two easier quests and three harder quests, you might choose the easier ones simply for efficiency. On the other hand, five quests reward you with a lot of reputation points, so feel free to tackle them all.

Who Are the Shariar, Anyway?

The Shariar are volunteer militia who battle the argons alongside regular forces of the Valkyon Federation. Unsurprisingly, local amani form the core of the fighting force—and for them, serving with the Shariar is a matter of honor. The Helkan District they call home was a major amani stronghold before the argon invasion, and the Khanovar Front holds symbolic significance as the last line of defense around the amani city of Kaiator.

While most recruits have some military experience, defeating argons isn’t nearly as simple as vanquishing orcans. Shariar veterans pass down hard-won lessons whenever they’re not actively scouting or attacking. The Shariar make few distinctions among themselves, and the result is an organization with almost no hierarchy or bureaucracy. The Shariar don’t fight for the promise of promotion or even for the federation’s ideals, but to reclaim land conquered by the argons.

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