Flying Mounts

How to Acquire a Flying Mount

Getting your first flying mount involves a level-65 quest, provided by a baraka researcher named Morick, located at the Amadjuak Trading Post, in the Spring Valley zone of Northern Arun. You’ll need to finish his quest to unlock your first flying mount. A variety of additional flying mounts are also available for purchase from the TERA store.

Where Flying Mounts Can Fly

While flying mounts can get around on the ground just like regular mounts, they can only take flight in certain designated zones. More zones will be added later, but currently, the only zones where these mounts can fly are:

  • Velika
  • Val Oriyn
  • Highwatch

How to Fly

Obviously, flying mounts are a little more complicated than ground mounts, mainly because you can move up and down. But there are other factors that you’ll need to consider.

Start flying by pressing the spacebar a few times while moving, until your mount is in the air. Your skills immediately vanish, replaced by the flying UI. (This means you’re not going to be doing any fighting while you’re flying.)

Once you’re airborne, you use [W] to move forward, bank left [A] and right [D], and change directions using the mouse, just like you do with ground-based movement. Otherwise, you’ll just hover. You can hold the spacebar (Ascend), or press [C] (Descend) to change elevation.

If you glide all the way to the ground, your mount automatically lands.

Flight Speed and Boosting

Although a flying mount’s flight speed is pretty much always equal to its ground movement speed, a player has the option of temporarily increasing the mount’s flight speed, at the cost of flight time (see below).

To boost, just press the Shift key (Accelerate). Your mount will immediately surge forward for as long as you hold the Accelerate button down.

Flight Ceiling

Each free-fly zone has its own limit on how high you can go on a flying mount. This is usually enough to get over tall terrain and give you a good view of the countryside...but it’s not enough to fly over all obstacles in a given zone.

Once you reach this flight ceiling, you can freely move around at that elevation for the remainder of your Flight Duration (see below); you just might not be able to get around a terrain feature taller than your flight ceiling.

Flight Times

Flying mounts can run on the ground more or less indefinitely, but their time in the air is limited by their individual stamina. Each flying mount has a “Flight Duration” rating that indicates how many seconds it can stay aloft. But when you reach that time limit, your mount is forced into a glide—which doesn’t consume stamina—so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on that stamina meter! Stamina recharges while you’re on the ground.

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