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What Is a Guild?

A guild is, in essence, a large group of people who have banded together to play, but are also working towards a larger goal. Being part of a guild is not only an easy way to keep track of your friends and have a pool of people you know to play with, but participating in and leveling up a guild grants you special advantages like access to better loot, special skills, and additional storage in the form of a guild bank.

How to Join a Guild

If you just want to dip your toe in the guild pool (rather than creating your own guild), you just need to find a guild that suits your play style and schedule, and is looking for new members. They might have some questions for you before they accept you into their guild...or they might just okay your application right off the bat.

Fortunately, the Guild UI is designed to guide you to the right guild for you in a few easy steps:

  1. Press “G” to open the Guild UI.
  2. Join a Guild
  3. Select “Join a Guild,” which will bring up the “Search Guilds” menu. (you can also access this menu by selecting “Guilds on Server” from the action bar.
  4. Guilds on Server
  5. Select your preferred play style by clicking on the round buttons at the top left: “PvE,” “PvP,” and “Casual.” You can select any combination of these, because guilds can accommodate any combination of these styles.
  6. Use the “Size” pulldown menu at the top middle to select the size of the guild you are interested in. Guild size is determined by the number of individual player accounts (not characters) associated with the guild.
    • Small: 2-39 players
    • Medium: 40-79 players
    • Large: 80 or more players
  7. Use the “How to Join” pulldown menu to select for the method by which guilds approve new members:
    1. Closed: The guild is currently not accepting new members.
    2. Join Now: The guild will automatically accept you when you apply.
    3. Send Message: The guild wants you to send a request to join, in the form of a short introduction. They’ll then decide whether or not to approve your request.
    4. Any: You’ll get all the guilds, whether they’re taking new members or not.
  8. Use the “Level” pulldown menu to filter for guilds that will allow someone of your character’s level to join them.
  9. Click "Search."
  10. Go through the search results and click on any guild that interests you. This shows you a window with all of the guild’s information (like number of members, how long they’ve been around, and so on). If the guild is not listed as Closed, you can click the “Apply” button.

How to Create a Guild

The same interface used to search for a guild to join can help you create one of your own! The minimum requirements to form a guild are two people in a party who are not already in a guild, a party leader who is at least level 8, and 100 gold. If the party meets these requirements, select “Make a Guild,” which brings up a confirmation window, and allows the party leader to choose a guild name.

Note: Guilds that drop below two members (characters) are immediately disbanded, and lose any benefits gained through play. Even if the same players form a new guild with the same name, the old guild is considered to have never existed.

Managing Your Guild

A guild can have up to 300 characters in it, and up to 100 distinct player accounts. This means an active and committed guild leader is essential to a guild’s success. On a given day, a guild leader reviews applications to the guild (sent via the Guild UI), removes inactive or troublesome members, leads the guild in the completion of guild quests, manages the guild’s skills, disperses guild funds (if any), and manages the guild bank (a level 30+ guild perk).

Guild Logo

A guild leader can upload a .BMP image (must be exactly 64x64 pixels) to represent their guild to the world at large. This logo will display next to the name and title (if any) of a character in-game, and can be changed by an NPC in Velika.

Guild Rank

Guild leaders can create and name any number of ranks within their guild through the guild interface. These ranks can each have different permissions and abilities within the guild, like full access to the guild shop, the ability to accept or drop guild quests, the ability to invite other players to join the guild (/ginvite in the chat window), and the option to change the guild's daily message.

TERA Guild Ranks

Guild Quests

Guild leaders (and members with the appropriate permissions) can accept guild quests on behalf of the guild from the Guild interface. A guild can participate in up to five quests a day, but only one at a time. The available quests depend on the size of the guild, and come in four types:

  • Rally: World Bosses
  • Boss: Dungeon Bosses
  • BG: Victories in battlegrounds
  • Gather: Gathering crafting materials from nodes.

Once accepted, the guild has 12 hours to complete a Boss, BG, or Gather quest, and two hours to defeat a summoned world boss (Rally quest).

Rally quests work differently than the other types. The member who accepts the quest receives a scroll with which they can summon the indicated world boss at a specific location. (Only this summoned version counts for quest completion). Notifications are then sent to all other guilds, who may choose to oppose the guild’s efforts to defeat the boss.

Guild quests provide the guild with guild funds for use in the guild shop (located in the command centers of major cities), and experience points towards leveling up the guild itself.

Guild Levels

As a guild levels up, they gain access to special skills at the discretion of the guild leader. Skills are accessed by spending guild points gained through leveling, and every member of the guild receives the benefit of an active skill.

Guilds level 1-14 can develop the following skills:

  • Kaia's Power: (I-V) Increases the Power of guild members.
  • Zuras's Anger: (I-V) Increases the Crit Factor of guild members.
  • Karas's Touch: (I-V) Increases the Movement Speed of guild members.
  • Amarun's Energy: (I-V) Increases the maximum MP of guilde members.

Level 15+ guilds can develop the following skills:

  • Bahaar's Shield: (I-V) (requires Kaia's Power) Increases the Endurance of guild members.
  • Zenobia's Protection: (I-V) (requires Zura's Anger) Increased the Crit Resist Factor of guild members.
  • Elinu's Vigor: (I-V) (requires Amarun's Energy) Increases the Maximum HP of guild members, based on their level.

Level 30+ guilds can develop the following skills and advantages:

  • Strength: (I-V) Decreases stun effects on guild members.
  • Tithus's Prestige: (I-V) (requires Karas's Touch) Increases the mounted Movement Speed of guild members.
  • Guild Bank: (I-V) Adds a tab to guild storage.

Level 45+ guilds can develop the following skills:

  • Guild Tower Enchancement: (I-V) Increases the HP of the guild tower in Civil Unrest: Velika.
  • Convergence: Allows a guild leader to summon all guild members not in dungeons or battlegrounds.

Level 60+ guilds can develop the following skill:

  • Impregnable: Increases the PvP defense of all guild members by 20 for 5 minutes.

Level 75+ guilds can develop the following skills and advantages:

  • Battle Will: (requires Strength) Increases the Attack Speed and PvP Attack of all guild members by 10 for 5 minutes.
  • Guild Expansion: (I-IV) (requires Guild Bank) Increases the number of guild members allowed to join by 5.


Guilds are not just a convenient group of other characters, they are a resource designed to enhance and prolong your gaming experience. Shared resources are only one part of the equation—shared knowledge and experiences are equally important, as well as the more direct rewards of networking and relationship building.

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