New Dungeon: Velik's Sanctuary (Hard) | New Solo Dungeon: The Pit of Petrax

TERA's latest update is available now and features a new solo dungeon, a Hard mode for Velik's Sanctuary, and more.

New Dungeon: Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

The goddess Velik is in more danger than ever! Lakan has breached Velik's sky sanctuary in order to exact his vengeance after untold centuries of imprisonment—and only you can stop him from murdering the goddess and undoing all of creation.

The hard-mode version of the dungeon features much greater challenges.

  • Location — Velika
  • Difficultyrating starrating starrating starrating starrating star
  • Required Level — 65
  • Recommended Number of Players — 5 players
  • Minimum Item Level — 429
  • Daily Entry Limit — 1 (2 for elite players)
  • Bosses — Nightmare Revived Darkan, Nightmare Revived Dakuryon, Nightmare Mutated Perimos, Nightmare Lakan
  • Possible Loot (Nightmare Revived Darkan) — Ominous Ore, Crocement Powder, Herpstone Gravel, Titan's Ease, Tier 12 Feedstock
  • Possible Loot (Nightmare Revived Dakuryon) — Heaventrap Earring, Heavenlock Earring, Design: Herpvein Powder, Ominous Ore, Goddess's Tear, Ancient Wish, Tier 12 Feedstock
  • Possible Loot (Nightmare Mutated Perimos) — Godstrap Necklace, Godslock Necklace, Herpstone Gravel, Crocement Powder
  • Possible Loot (Nightmare Lakan) — Goddess's Gemstone, Design: Quatrefoil Brooch (armor crafting), Design: Quatrefoil Brooch (weapon crafting), Deathwrack weapon designs, Deathwrack armor designs, Heaventrap Ring, Heavenlock Ring, Deathwrack Belt, Design: Focused Diadem, Dyad Niveot Structure, Lakan's Focus, Conceptual Unguent, Lakan's Scale, Badge of Loyalty, Talisman of Lakan, Lakan's Treasure Chest, Crocstar Token, Personal Rare Alkahest, Personal Extensive Alkahest
Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

Nightmare Revived Darkan

Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

Nightmare Revived Darkuryon

Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

Nightmare Mutated Perimos

Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)

Nightmare Lakan

New Solo Dungeon: The Pit of Petrax

The Pit of Petrax

The invasion of Velik's Sanctuary began with a tunnel underneath the city, and the archdevans responsible tested their strategy first in Highwatch...and they left behind a surprise for the baraks: a powerful fangspawn known as Petrax. The barakas need to get rid of the beast, but can only send in one person at a time.

  • Location — Highwatch
  • Required Level — 65
  • Recommended Number of Players — 1 player
  • Minimum Item Level — none
  • Daily Entry Limit — 3 (4 for elite players)
  • Bosses — Petrax (fangspawn)
  • Possible Loot — Bane Earrings, Bane Rings, tokens, T11 feedstock, noctenium infusion, and crystal box rewards
The Pit of Petrax
The Pit of Petrax
The Pit of Petrax
The Pit of Petrax

Lakan's Fury is available now as a free update!

View the full patch notes for this update.

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