Arun and Shara

TERA Arun and Shara

Ages ago, in a realm torn apart by war and strife, Arun and Shara chose to flee and start new lives. Using their immense power, they shaped a new universe and turned their backs on the constant struggles of the old one. They set aside their implements of war. Shara flung a ring into the sky and it burned brightly and illuminated their world. Arun and Shara laid down to rest and began to dream.

Their tears formed the seas and their bodies became the continents. Their breath created the winds and their minds dreamed up all manner of creatures and plants. From the heart of each titan came a spring that became the Fountain of Shara and Fountain of Arun. These fountains were the rawest source of primal power in their new world.

The Valkyon Federation

TERA Velika Steps

The Valkyon Federation is the primary government in the world. It's an alliance of races, unified against a common foe, and strengthened by trade and defense pacts. The seat of government is in Velika, though Kaiator and Allemantheia also house major military commands. The federation is governed by continental exarchs, ruled by provincial vanarchs, and administered locally by either bureaucrats or military leaders. The Valkyon Federation has close “unofficial” ties to the Mysterium, an order of scholars and arcanists based in Allemantheia.

The Argon Invasions

TERA Argon

The first argon invasion took the world by surprise. Otherworldly and powerful, the motives behind the argon attack remain unclear. Destroying or reshaping everything in their path, they aren't interested in resources, vengeance, or any other tangible motive. Their cold, inexorable advance was stopped only at great cost and by unifying the races of the world.

Though the world endures other troubles, a wary eye is kept on the argons as they reshape Northern Shara into a nightmarish, alien landscape. Small units of argons have been seen far south of their “borders,” and some within the federation believe the argons are positioning themselves for a final, fatal strike, while the allied races are distracted by internal and external conflicts.


During our December 2016 Skycycle Flash Fiction contest, TERA community member Warr blew us away with his dark, gripping tale of a pair of federation rangers who stumble onto something that just doesn’t belong, and also a wondrous discovery that may well save us all. Warr’s winning contest entry is now an official part of TERA lore!

A hot breeze swept through the argon corridor, tinged with the scent of iron and decay. With it came a spiraling ribbon of blue energy, illuminating the area in a soft electric hue.

Feeling exposed, Kasani watched the light as it passed, her jaw clenching as she pressed her back against the wall. Horns scraping against the not-stone, the warrior panted, blood dripping from a wound on her shoulder. Various curses passed through her mind, but instead she shook her head in disbelief, whispering, “None of this should be here.”

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