Returning Player Guide

This page will be your guide in your return to TERA: Rising. We’ve added quite a bit of content since we launched, and here is where you can learn all about them.

Major Game Changes

New Class: Reaper

Born from darkness, the new reaper class is available to all players who have a level 40 or higher existing character. Reapers are a close to mid-ranged leather DPS class, and possess chained scythes as their primary method of destruction.


A mineral called Noctenium surfaced in the lands of TERA, and the federation has splintered into three separate factions. Choose between the Free Traders Collective, Enlightened Union, or the Iron Order to see which side you fight on. Check the guide for more details! ( The Alliance update brought in the following changes:

  • A new zone for each alliance, three in total. Protect your own or invade others to keep your Alliance on top.
  • New one-room dungeon vaults with BAMs to battle and gear to make you stronger.
  • Alliance battles for large-scale PvP war.

Corsairs’ Stronghold and Kumasylum

Previously, Fraywind Canyon and Champions’ Skyring were the only instanced PvP. These two new battlegrounds offer players new challenges in not only castle sieges, but also the chance to fight other player-controlled BAMs.

Corsairs’ Stronghold is a 20 vs. 20 player battleground where each team gets the chance to defend a castle. Attack via airships, tanks, or just a straight up frontal assault. Likewise, you can defend with tanks, cannons, and your own strength as well. Teamwork is crucial in winning so communication with your teammates will be essential. Corsair’s Stronghold is offered to all players level 30 or over. All players not at max level will be able to earn experience through this battleground.

Kumasylum pits 10 players against 3 player-controlled kumases. Your objective as a player will be to infiltrate the kumas station and steal their loot. These kumases won’t be as easy to take down as the other ones you’ll face in TERA though. Like any other battleground, communication and teamwork will be vital to winning on either side. Kumasylum is offered to all players level 30 or over. All players not at max level will be able to earn experience through this battleground.

New Dungeons and Gear

  • Channelworks: 3-player dungeon with no class restrictions to stop the cyclops invading the aqueducts.
  • Shattered Fleet: 5-player adventure that takes you through the ruins of several ships off the Jagged Coast. Defeat all the BAMs aboard the wreckage and claim the treasure.
  • Kezzel’s Gorge: 7-player battle against a rock giant bent on destroying the city walls. Face its fury and substantial rewards await you.
  • Wonderholme: 10-player romp down the rabbit hole takes you to all sorts of mazes, puzzles, BAMs, and eventually the Bandersnatch. Not for the average player, hard mode drops even better loot.

New gear has also arrived for you to gear up, and kick some butt. The new Nightforge gear is now the best set in the game, overtaking the previous Visonmaker set. The materials needed to craft Nightforge gear are spread across the alliances, the new dungeons, and various other places. Find them all, and you will be able to destroy all others.

New Features


Glyphs are now automatically given to all players after level 15. Players no longer have to purchase any glyphs, unless you are aiming for special glyphs. You will also be able to assign and reset your glyph loadouts for free, and at will.


Crafting was refined into four main types—alchemy, weaponcraftiing, armorcrafting, and etching. Etching allows you to add stats to your gears, either temporarily or permanent. All professions can now reach a max level of 500, with an option to become an artisan crafter of level 800 in one profession.

Inner Armor

The inner-wear slot for your character is finally open! Undergarment boxes are available by going through solo Balder’s Temple or solo Alliance Vaults.

Elite Bar Improvements

The Village Atlas and the Travel Journal are both now available on the Elite Bar. Previously you were only granted one per month, but now you can access the Village Atlas anywhere, on all characters on all servers at any time you wish.

TERA Store

Need a fancy new outfit for your elin to go on your next guild outing? Do your twin blades need some celestial spirit? Does your bay gelding look a bit inferior next to a black wolf mount? The TERA Store now has more costumes, weapons, and mounts for you to look good while kicking ass.

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