Returning Player Guide

Returning to TERA: Fate of Arun? We’ve released quite a few content updates since TERA launched in 2012, and this page is where you can learn all about them.

Major Game Changes

New Class: Valkyrie

The valkyrie is a close-combat specialist with a dual-focus of crowd control and burst damage. She uses an intricately-carved runeglaive to brand runemarks onto enemies and explode them for massive damage. She mixes slashes, leaping attacks, and power slams to destroy her foes, maximizing the effectiveness of her crits while nimbly evading damage. Only castanic female characters can be valkyries.

New Class: Ninja

Trained in secret by Princess Rida of Pora Elinu to fight the archdevans, ninjas are an exciting new addition to TERA’s frontlines. A quick, nimble DPS class, ninjas use cloth armor and shurikens to dominate their opponents. Only elins can be ninjas.

New Class: Brawler

Coming from a life of hardships, the all-new brawler class is a melee DPS/mitigation tank class that wears heavy armor, and employs a pair of metal powerfists as her weapons of choice. Only human female characters can be brawlers.

New Class: Gunner

Built for power and mobility, the gunner class is a ranged DPS class. The gunner’s arcannon lays down devastating fields of fire, and the gunner’s heavy armor helps her withstand damage. Only castanic female and high elf female characters can be gunners.

New Class: Reaper

Born from darkness, the new reaper class is available to all players who have a level 40 or higher existing character. Reapers are a close to mid-ranged leather DPS class, and possess chained scythes as their primary method of destruction.

New Character Selection Screen

Players can arrange their characters on the server according to their own preferences. We streamlined character creation to a single screen experience. We increased the maximum character slots on each server to 16, regardless of account type. Basic accounts still begin with two slots per server, Founder accounts with eight.

Island of Dawn

The once idyllic Island of Dawn was devastated by the destruction of the world tree, and is now a BAM-infested hunting zone, where Alliances vie for control and intrigue is almost as dangerous as combat!

Northern Arun

The Fate of Arun update introduced a whole new continent to the world of TERA, including the province of Val Oriyn: Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Highwatch, Ex Prima, and Arx Umbra. Exploring this previously unavailable part of the world takes characters from level 60 to level 65, rediscovers the long-lost homeland of the barakas, and ultimately brings characters face-to-face with the dread archdevan, Dakuryon.

Stepstone Isle

TERA’s new starter area presents a faster, more streamlined leveling experience, an interactive tutorial, and more of what players want—action!

Initiative Requests

Starting at level 13, characters now have access to a number of quests designed to help them level up faster and more efficiently. There’s no need to seek them out—these quests are automatically granted according to a character’s level and appear on the quest tracker when you complete an objective.

You can view all these quests through the Initiative Requests window [H], allowing you to receive rewards for completed quests, teleport to quest locations, access help files, and even link to Instance and Battleground Matching.

The Crusades

We’ve taken TERA’s Guild vs. Guild PvP system to the next level—and to the skies! Guilds can crusade in either the Cutthroat League (PvP) or Challenger League (PvE) to compete for the most prestigious honor of all, a fully customizable Skycastle. Crusade points are earned by completing league activities, such as battlegrounds, GvG Battles, and dungeons. At the end of each four-week season, the top ten guilds in each league earn a Skycastle—and then must repeat their success to keep it!

Buddy-Up and Friendship Levels

TERA implemented a Buddy-Up system, allowing experienced players to generate a code for their friends’ new characters (under level 9) to use and granting both players special gifts as the new character levels up.

Characters who adventure together as friends (such as guild mates) also receive bonds of friendship. As characters accumulate bonds, their friendship levels up as well. At level 3 friendship and higher, a character can summon their friend to their location from anywhere in the world.


A mineral called Noctenium surfaced in the lands of TERA, and the federation splintered into three separate factions. Choose between the Free Traders Collective, Enlightened Union, or the Iron Order. To see which side you want to fight on, check the Alliance guide for more details! The Alliance update also brought in the following changes:

  • A new zone for each alliance, three in total. Protect your own or invade others to keep your Alliance on top.
  • New one-room dungeon vaults with BAMs to battle and gear to make you stronger.
  • Alliance Conflicts for large-scale PvP battles.


We added three new battlegrounds to Fraywind Canyon and Champions’ Skyring, offering players new challenges in castle sieges, arena combats, and the chance to fight player-controlled BAMs.

Gridiron is a 15 vs. 15 player battleground that pits two teams against one another in a deathmatch battle: The first team to reach 70 kills wins! Players can head along the walkways to gain buffs from the statues, or just go toe-to-toe on the open factory floor. Gridiron is available to level 65 players.

Corsairs’ Stronghold is a 20 vs. 20 player battleground where each team gets the chance to defend a castle. Attack via airships, tanks, or just a straight up frontal assault. Likewise, you can defend with tanks, cannons, and your own strength as well. Teamwork is crucial in winning so communication with your teammates will be essential. Corsair’s Stronghold is offered to players level 30 or over. All players not at max level will be able to earn experience through this battleground.

Kumasylum pits 10 raiders against 3 player-controlled kumases. Your objective as a raider is to infiltrate the kumas station and steal their loot. These kumases won’t be as easy to take down as the other ones you’ll face in TERA though. Like any other battleground, communication and teamwork will be vital to winning on either side. Kumasylum is offered to players level 30 or over. All players not at max level will be able to earn experience through this battleground.

New Dungeons

  • Celestial Arena: A solo dungeon in which you test your skills against waves of enemies.
  • Shadow Sanguinary: 5-player instanced dungeon focusing on ending the threat of the archdevan villain Dakuryon once and for all.
  • Demokron Factory: 7-player raid dungeon in which you explore one of Dakuryon’s secret laboratories for some clue as to his ultimate plans.
  • The Abscess: 5-player instanced dungeon that takes you deep into the Great Rift to cleanse a demokron infection.
  • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught: 5-player instanced dungeon that takes you from a ship under attack by monstrous pirates to the pirates’ own ship.
  • Forsaken Island: 5-player instanced dungeon that involves visiting a haunted island where the restless dead roam.
  • Timescape: 5-player instanced dungeon in which you enter a surreal, time-lost realm in order to undo the twisted machinations of Yana, the self-styled “master of space and time.”
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor: 5-player instanced dungeon that challenges you to board a lost federation airship and take it back from the horrific beasts hijacking it.
  • Bathysmal Rise: 5-player instanced dungeon that takes you into the submerged ruins of an ancient city of the giants, now haunted by strange beasts and stranger bosses.
  • Macellarius Catacombs: 5-player instanced dungeon that pits you against the twisted monstrosities spawned in a diabolical alchemical laboratory.
  • Sabex Armory: 3-player instanced dungeon to cut off the Archdevan Imperial Army’s weapons supply.
  • Channelworks: 3-player instanced dungeon with no class restrictions to stop the cyclops invading the aqueducts.
  • Wonderholme: 10-player romp down the rabbit hole takes you to all sorts of mazes, puzzles, BAMs, and eventually the Bandersnatch.

New Gear

There’s plenty of new weapons and armor for you to gear up, and kick some butt. The first time you log in to TERA after a lapse of 30 days or more, you’ll receive a set of items and/or crystals appropriate to your level and class to get you back up and running. This gift only applies to one character per server, so choose wisely!

For max-level players, the new tier 10 Imperator gear is now the best set in the game. You can find materials to craft Imperator gear in the new dungeons (Demokron Factory and Shadow Sanguinary), among other places.

Neophyte Resuscitation

For level 65 dungeons, TERA now includes “Neophyte Resuscitation,” which allows inexperienced players or players in new content to respawn with buffs—though only a limited number of times. Also, once a character has cleared a given level 65 dungeon 10 times (5 for hard modes), that character can no longer make use of Neophyte Resuscitation in that dungeon again.

New Features

Guild Finder

Players and guilds alike have a new interface in which to find each other, based on user-selected criteria like playstyle, size, and level.

Dressing Room

Players may now preview a variety of cosmetic items and mounts in the dressing room prior to purchasing, and can take screenshots of any eligible combination of items.

Skill Training

Players may now train skills immediately from the Skills window [K], without having to visit a skill trainer. Skills still cost gold to train.


Basic glyphs are now automatically given to all players at level 20. Players can assign and reset glyph loadouts for free, and at will. Advanced glyphs are available from specialized merchants and as dungeon drops.


We’ve refined crafting into four main types—alchemy, weaponcrafting, armorcrafting, and etching. Etching allows you to add extra enchantment effects to your equipment, either temporarily or permanently. Players can take all four crafting professions to a max level of 500, with an option to become an artisan crafter (level 800) in one profession.


The enchanting system has undergone extensive changes, making it easier to obtain, enchant, and modify Masterwork items, and introducing Awakened items that can be enchanted up to +15. Details on enchanting can be found in our Enchanting Game Guide.

Inner Armor

The inner-wear slot for your character is finally open! Earn undergarment boxes by going through solo Balder’s Temple or solo Alliance Vaults, or buy crates in the TERA Store.

Elite Perks Bar Improvements

The Village Atlas and the Travel Journal are both now available on the Elite Perks Bar. Previously you were only granted one per month, but now you can access the Village Atlas anywhere, on all characters on all servers at any time you wish. Also available are Everful Nostrums, Talisman Trios, daily gifts of consumables and other helpful items, and twelve 100% Gold Hunter boosts (one hour each). Elite players now have a permanent 100% XP, reputation, and Quester’s Gold boosts.

TERA Store

Need a fancy new outfit for your elin to go on your next guild outing? Do your twin blades need some celestial spirit? Does your bay gelding look a bit inferior next to a black wolf mount? The TERA Store now has more costumes, weapons, and mounts for you to look good while kicking ass.

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