Sword and Hoard

Sword and Hoard is available now! This free updates features a revamped warrior class, a new equipment type, customizable accessories, and more!

Update Overview

Warrior: Reloaded!/

The New (and improved) Warrior

Sword and Hoard brings a lot of new changes to one of TERA’s original classes—the warrior. Many skills have been adjusted to make the warrior more effective against monsters...and more competitive with other players.

For a complete overview of the warrior, check out our class guide.

Warrior Leveling Event

To give you all a little more incentive to explore the new and improved warrior, we’re offering up the Sword and Hoard Leveling Event. For a limited time, players who start a new warrior and reach level 15 by February 14 will receive a Sword and Hoard Leveling Event Box.

When your warrior reaches level 65, you can open this loot box and receive a variety of useful items, including twin swords, weapon skins, a +9 enchantment scroll, and more!

Check out the event news post for more information.

Circlets & Diadems

Sword and Hoard introduces an entirely new type of armor: circlets and diadems! These items occupy what was formerly the cosmetic head slot, and like inner armor items, provide Defense and Balance modifiers, along with random bonuses such as increased maximum MP, Crit Resist Factor, and Endurance.

On top of that, circlets provide a new bonus called Concentration, which gives the circlet a chance to restore a percentage of your max MP with each hit.


The new update also simplifies and streamlines noctenium. “Refined noctenium” is stronger than the original, granting a random bonus to skill damage and a 150% bonus to a skill’s other noctenium-related effects.

And although the original noctenium infusions still work, you’ll no doubt want to convert them to refined noctenium infusions by picking up a noctenium infusion refiner and right-clicking on it in your character’s inventory.

Resized Accessories

Finally, Sword and Hoard introduces a way to fine-tune accessories, allowing you to upgrade your high-end necklaces, rings, and earrings with better stats and new effects!


Sword and Hoard is available now as a free update!

View the full patch notes for this update.

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