The Basics

What You Need to Know. . .

This tutorial is packed with information and designed to get you up to speed fast about TERA so you can start having fun. There are a few core concepts that you should know up front.

  • TERA The Basics

    Keep Moving

    The one tip every TERA player needs to keep in mind is that survivability depends on not standing still. Also, your attacks will miss if you’re not in that skill’s range and aiming at your target.

  • TERA The Basics

    Anger Equals Danger

    Monsters have tells, such as flashing eyes or changing colors. This says a monster is enraged, with more attack power and bigger crits. It's much more likely to chase you until you’re dead. On the plus side, they’re far more vulnerable to your attacks!

  • TERA The Basics

    Big-Ass Monsters

    If it’s big, it’s bad. Any monster with a skull icon next to its name is going to be trouble solo.

  • TERA The Basics

    Gear Up

    For peak combat efficiency, your character’s level and equipment level should be the same. The abilities of individual equipment can offset the difference somewhat, and different items work for different situations. Keep an eye on your stuff, and upgrade often.

  • TERA The Basics

    Find it and Fight it

    When a quest sends you to “talk” to a monster or NPC, the quest’s text and the on-screen tracker may contain hyperlinks. Click on one to place an orange marker as a waypoint or spawn area on your maps.

  • TERA The Basics

    Know Your Role

    Each class is designed to work both solo and in a group, but there are four main character focuses: defense, melee damage, ranged damage, and healing. When you team up, your character will be more effective as your teammates’ strengths enhance your own.

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