Class Overview


100% Pure Action

Valkyries aren't concerned with subtlety on the battlefield. Their philosophy is "kill them all, and then find someone else to kill."


Weapons are meant to be used, not admired, and how the valkyrie uses her runeglaive reflects that. If she's not branding you with a runemark, she's exploding one in your face, knocking you up in the air, or using it to draw you in for the kill.


The seven runes carved into a valkyrie's weapon aren't just for decoration, they're a recipe for destruction. Every time she scores a crit, she brands one of them onto her opponent. After that it's no longer a question of if she'll kill her foe, but when!

All Castanic, All The Time

A valkyrie's fighting style is heavily influenced by castanic culture. They prefer light armor, and favor spinning moves and fast attacks. But their legacy is an ancient one, and valkyries have been guiding Clan Castanic from the shadows since long before the Valkyon Federation was ever imagined.

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Skill List


A quick, basic attack.

Leaping Slash

Suspends a target in mid-air and hits it with great force. Generates Runemarks.

Rune Carving

Critical hits on minions, normal monsters, and enemy players generate Runemarks.


Detonate Runemarks, damaging nearby enemies with a high chance to crit and stagger.


Vault forward and evade enemy attacks.


Spin your runeglave in a tight circle to damage nearby enemies.


Stab a target repeatedly and apply a bleeding effect. Generates Runemarks.

Ground Bash

Slam the ground for massive damage. Generates Runemarks.

Dream Slash

Throw a blazing crescent of dream energy at your enemies.


Dash forward and attack an enemy, generating a Runemark if they have none.

Dark Herald

Pull enemies toward a target bearing Runemarks, even if that target is yourself.

Glaive Strike

Slam your runeglaive into the ground to cause an explosion. Generates Runemarks.

Spinning Death

Turn yourself into a vertical buzzsaw. Generates Runemarks.


Teleport directly behind a target and attack.

Overhead Slash

Damage and stun your enemies with a spinning attack.


Transfers Runemarks from a target to yourself.


Pull enemies toward you with a damaging vortex. Generates Runemarks.

Shining Crescent

Disrupt Runemarks on a target to create an explosion of dream energy. Generates Runemarks.

Balder's Tears

Summon spheres of dream energy to mitigate damage.

Gjallar Horn

Gain Ragnarok points from every successful hit.


Increases Power, Attack Speed, and attack range, as well as resetting and decreasing certain skill cooldowns.


Plant your runeglaive and release a damaging wave of dream energy, as well as buffing yourself and your allies.

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