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If you like fast-paced action, dominating combat, and can handle some serious firepower, say hello to TERA’s stylish new class—the gunner!

Character Highlights

  • Battlefield-clearing Attacks
    Powerful AoEs let the gunner take out hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat.
  • Big-Ass Guns
    Arcannons are huge weapons with huge damage potential. Never settle for something small when you can go big!
  • Summoned Constructs
    Never fight alone! Place a turret to cover one end of the battle, and have your HB heal you as you run to the other!
  • Heavy Armor
    The gunner is equipped to do more than just dish out damage from range, she can also stand on the front lines and punish foes up close and personal!
  • 65 Levels of Awesome
    The gunner is available to castanic and high elf females at character creation.

Welcome back to Damage Town!

Gunners are fast-moving, high-DPS ranged combatants who never stop to ask questions—they’re too busy shooting first! With run-and-gun tactics and cool new weapons, True Action Combat has never been so satisfying!


TERA tests your timing and skill, enabling the best players to control their own destiny. A gunner combines fast-paced play with strategic use of summoned constructs, and positions herself to make use of the best skills for any given situation.

Maximize Willpower

A unique aspect of the gunner is how she uses Willpower to activate devastating attacks. A gunner generates Willpower every time she kills an enemy, and when her meter is full…look out! Willpower fades rapidly when not fighting, so don’t stop shooting until every enemy is dead!

Key Skills

A useful skill for getting your enemy’s attention. Not only does it deliver a spread of penetrating damage, but you’ll gain Willpower for each successful hit. And use your Rolling Reload skill afterward to move you into position and reload your arcannon for another volley.

Point Blank
Swing your Arcannon to slam your enemies, then fire an explosive shot to knock them back!

Arcane Barrage
Fire energy pulses that power through enemies, detonating at a point of your choosing. And your HB construct fires bombs at the same spot to seal the deal!


Burst Fire
Unload on multiple enemies at once with this Willpower-fueled skill, and keep firing penetrating shots until your bar is empty. Which may take a while, because you’ll get more Willpower with every kill.

Balder's Vengeance
Use your Willpower to deal critical damage to all enemies in front of you. Not only will they get your point, but you’ll be invincible for a short time!

Check out the full list of skills here



  • Lead Gunner
    Server's first gunner to reach level 30
  • Hammered a Gunner
    Won a duel against a gunner
  • Gunner Secundus
    Server's first gunner to reach level 58
  • Prone to Violence
    Used Retaliate to kill 1000 monsters
  • Gunner Prime
    Server's first gunner to reach level 60
  • Ready, Aim, Fire
    Used Scattershot 500 times
  • Cutting-Edge Gunner
    Server's first gunner to reach level 65
    Used Balder’s Vengeance 200 times


  • Blast I-XII

    Fire shots that explode on impact with enemies or obstacles.

    Empowered Blast

    Increases skill damage.

    Affirmative Blast

    Gain Willpower on a successful hit.

  • Time Bomb I-XI

    Fire shots which explode on impact, and again two seconds later.

    Empowered Time Bomb

    Increases skill damage.

    Affirmative Time Bomb

    Gain Willpower on a successful hit.

  • Balder’s Vengeance I-II

    Use your Willpower to deal critical damage to all enemies in front of you.

    Energetic Balder's Vengeance

    Decreases cooldown.

    Empowered Balder's Vengeance

    Increases skill damage.

  • Rolling Reload

    Dodge enemy attacks. Eliminates Scattershot cooldown.

    Energetic Rolling Reload

    Chance to eliminate cooldown.

    Powerlinked Rolling Reload

    Increases skill damage for Scattershot.

  • Arcane Barrage I-VII

    Fire an energy pulse through enemies, then detonate it!

    Swift Arcane Barrage

    Increases Attack Speed until detonation.

    Affirmative Arcane Barrage

    Gain Willpower on a successful hit.

  • Replenishment I-IX

    Recharge your MP and Willpower.

    Energetic Replenishment

    Decreases cooldown.

    Affirmative Replenishment

    Generates additional Willpower.

  • Scattershot I-XI

    Fire a spread of shots at your enemies.

    Empowered Scattershot

    Increases skill damage.

    Slick Scattershot

    Reduces recoil.

  • Mana Missiles I-X

    Charge up and launch missiles that twist and turn toward your target.

    Carving Mana Missiles

    Increases Crit Rate.

  • Point Blank I-IX

    Bash your enemies, then fire a shot to knock them back!

    Influential Point Blank

    Chance to eliminate cooldown for Arc Bomb.

    Restorative Point Blank

    Recovers HP on each hit.

  • Bombardment I-VII

    Target an area, then launch a volley of shots to stagger enemies.

    Carving Bombardment

    Increases Crit Rate.

    Brilliant Scattershot

    Reduces MP cost.

  • Arc Bomb I-IX

    Toss a bomb at an enemy or obstacle for an explosive surprise!

    Empowered Arc Bomb

    Increases skill damage.

    Lingering Arc Bomb

    Increases effect duration.

  • Rocket Jump I-IX

    Fire straight down, damaging enemies and propelling yourself forward.

    Fleetfooted Rocket Jump

    Increases Movement Speed.

  • Burst Fire I-X

    Fire powerful, penetrating shots for as long as you have Willpower!

    Longshot Burst Fire

    Increases range.


  • Gun Enthusiast

    (passive) Increases Movement Speed after killing an enemy.

  • One With The Gun

    (passive) Generates Willpower after killing an enemy.

  • Emergency Barrier I-II

    (passive) Applies a damage reducing shield when hit with a fatal attack.


  • Command: Stay/Follow

    Tell your HB construct to dig in, or follow you into battle!

  • Command: Recall I-III

    Travel in a straight line to your HB construct, ignoring enemies in the way.

    Energetic Recall

    Decreases cooldown.

  • HB 1-7

    Your construct companion that helps out in combat!

    Empowered Companion

    Increases skill damage.

  • ST 1-4

    Summon a turret construct that attacks all enemies in range.

    Energetic Turret

    Decreases cooldown.

    Empowered Turret

    Increases an ST's attack power.

  • Command: Self-Destruct

    Order your constructs to detonate and damage nearby enemies.

    Energetic Self-Destruct

    Decreases cooldown.

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