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TERA non-combat pets: Prince the frog, Rambo the ram, Dragonette the baby dragon, Carnivorous Plant the thorny weed, and Candyspinner the weird-looking child

Introducing Pets!

Pets are new to the world of TERA, and they need you! In a world full of big-ass monsters, these little cuties can't fend for themselves. Adopt a pet—or two or three! You can adopt as many pets as you like, but only one may follow you around at a time.

These creatures (and the plant!) aren't just a pretty face (or frond)—they’re determined to be useful. How useful? Check out what they'll do for you in the video below!

Claim It, Train It, and Name It!

Starting April 11, you can select and purchase pets in the Mounts and Pets tab of Valkyon Outfitters. Once you've trained how to summon it, give it a very special name all its own. Currently available pets follow you around, collecting your loot for you—what a relief!

TERA pet food

Feeding Time!

Just like your real–life pet, these critters need to eat! You can find pet treats at vendors throughout the world and pet food at Valkyon Outfitters, which replenish your pet's spent energy. Keep them energized so they'll keep up with you!