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The Brawler is an in-your-face mitigation tank who takes the fight to the enemy and gives as good as she gets!

Massive “powerfists” deliver devastating blows and block enemy attacks!

Stunning combos take TERA's action combat to a brand new level!

Lockdown skills stagger, knock down, and send enemies flying into the air!

New Endgame Armor

Knockout adds two new sets of endgame armor—the Tier 8 Dreadnaught set and the Tier 9 Starfall set. In addition to increased abilities and effects, these two new tiers have dual stats—one for PvE and one for PvP. Players no longer need to build and carry two sets of armor!


Tier 8 weapons and armor drop in Kalivan's Dreadnaught.


Materials to craft Tier 9 weapons and armor drop in Kalivan's Dreadnaught (Hard) and Forsaken Island.


Highest level earrings and brooches drop in Kalivan's Dreadnaught (Hard) and Forsaken Island.


As ruler of an island kingdom, Desolarus had the respect of his people. But a deal with a demon changed everything! With islanders dying in droves, the people turned on their ruler and sentenced him to death in the village square! But Desolarus got the last word—literally—cursing the islanders to an eternity of undeath with his final breath! This five-player dungeon offers numerous challenges for max-geared, level-65 characters.


Kalivan's Dreadnaught has been the scourge of the seas for years. Heroes must fight their way through the ship in an attempt to rid the high seas of the dreadnaught's foul naga pirates and their leader, Kalivan, the self-described ruler of the sea.

This five-player dungeon for level 65 characters offers challenge, normal, and hard mode versions.

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