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Enter another dimension of TERA. Venture deeper into the races, the places, the heroes, and the villains. Explore our series of short stories written by award-winning fantasy authors and our own En Masse Entertainment writers.

Fans say these stories give them a new perspective when playing TERA. Regions and characters—highlighted in the fiction—enrich your experience with the NPCs you visit and the quests you play. At ninety-nine cents, you can’t beat the price! Go ahead, go get ‘em. We’ll wait.

All TERA short stories available on Amazon.com:

TERA The Amaranthine Heart TERA Killer eBook TERA Fire and Ice TERA Forgeheart TERA Fanatic E-book

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The Amaranthine Heart | Killer | Fire and Ice | Death at Forgeheart | Fanatic

The Amaranthine Heart—A TERA Short Story

The Amaranthine Heart , written by En Masse Entertainment writer Bridget McKenna, was the first TERA e-book published by En Masse Entertainment. This adventure novelette is about Madoc, a decorated federation hero who’s drinking himself to death in the fleshpots of Castanica. His biggest creditor—castanic crime lord Praedo—offers him a job that will wipe out his debt: sober up and escort a caravan to Val Aureum, where a shadowy priest claims to have the secret that will grant Praedo eternal life.

Read an excerpt from this short story.

Killer—A TERA Short Story

Written by En Masse Entertainment writer Jessie McKenna, Killer introduces Moorg, a kulkari scorned by his tribe, as he meets and befriends Lakhia, a human child. Moorg soon has to decide where his loyalties lie when Lakhia’s family ranch is marked for destruction by his murderous kin. To be a hero to Lakhia means being a traitor to his own kind.

Read an excerpt from this short story.

Fire and Ice—A TERA Short Story

Fire and Ice is the third installment in our TERA e-book adventure series. It was written by En Masse Entertainment writer R. K. MacPherson and follows two of TERA's main characters, including war hero Elleon, on their rocky journey to lifelong friendship.

Jelena is a fiery castanic warrior known for being a loner. While guarding a pass near the frontlines of the war, she comes to the rescue of Elleon, a high elf under attack by argons. Realizing he will need help, Elleon orders Jelena to accompany him to complete his original mission, despite the fact that she prefers to work alone.

Read an excerpt from this short story.

Death at Forgeheart—A TERA Short Story

Our fourth TERA e-book, Death at Forgeheart , by USA Today bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch, tells the story of two detectives—an aman and a baraka—who must trust one another long enough to solve a murder that could doom the federation.

Read an excerpt from this short story.

Fanatic—A TERA Short Story

Number five is alive! Fanatic is a fantastic addition to the TERA short-story collection. Written by En Masse's own Stacey Janssen, this book explores the horror at the center of Lok’s cult. An injured soldier infiltrates the Scions of Lok to prove her worth, but then an echo from her past threatens to expose her.

Read an excerpt from this short story.

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