November 30

Elin Gunner

Maximum boom now comes in a miniature package! TERA's most explosive class will soon be available for Elin characters! Come back on November 22 to learn about exclusive rewards you can unlock for your Elin gunner!

RK-9 Kennel Hard Mode

RK-9 is back in his cage, but not for long! Come see him again, and bring your friends. Featuring new mechanics and boosted difficulty, you won't ever have to ask who let the Boss out again.

Fight your way through big stompy robots, maneuver around magnetic fields, and ride the vortex all over again for another shot at the biggest, baddest junkyard dog of them all!

RK-9 Kennel Hard Mode
RK-9 Kennel Hard Mode
RK-9 Kennel Hard Mode
RK-9 Kennel Hard Mode

Reveals November 22

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Reveals November 22

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