Patch 16.03.06

Patch 16.03.06

March 7, 2012

PvP Server Changes

  • We've added more PvP rules with this update—it's now uncool to kill players 6+ levels lower than you. These players will now receive the red name of shame and their punishment will be left up to the community.
    • You will now earn Infamy Points for killing lower-level players—60 points for players 6-10 levels lower than you; 120 points for players 11 or more levels lower than you.
    • If you have even one Infamy Point, you will be labeled an outlaw.
    • We won't penalize you for being an outlaw (having Infamy Points), but the community may retaliate as it sees fit.
    • Infamy Points will diminish at a rate of one every five minutes. You can also work them down one at a time by killing monsters equal to your level or higher.

Controller Updates!

  • We added a /controller command to access the controller options. We're looking at you, Nostromo users.
  • The controller option will now default to camera- or reticle-facing rather than character-facing. This should also please players using a controller-plus-mouse combination.
    • Quick tip: if you are using a controller with a melee class, try using the character-facing option.
  • All classes can now hold down the main attack controller button to activate the combo attacks. This works the same way as holding down your mouse button.

Quest Updates

  • Strife in Fey Forest and Keeping the Quota now spawn their quest objectives more often in more places.
  • A Measure of Vengeance will now spawn its objective in three different locations.
  • Faeries in a Fix is no longer a prerequisite to the Faerie Emissary quest.

A Few Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Implemented a five-second cast time to switch between channels. No more sitting on the couch and channel-surfing.
  • Zone channels now have better scaling based on population, so should provide a more seamless party experience when zoning into an area.
  • The "Exchange" menu option has been changed to "Claim Items". You won’t have items to claim yet, but this is where your pre-order and Collector's Edition goodies will be!
  • Guild slash commands (/gkick, /guildkick, /gmaster, /guildmaster) are no longer case sensitive to the player's name. Rage-kicking your guildies has never been easier!

What Happened? (Some Things to Still Look Out For)

  • Circle the Wagons – Cinematic will not render environmental detail if player has Distant Environmental detail below the max setting of six.
  • Cancelling a teleport still consumes the scroll.
  • Mystic thrall re-engages monster after player dies. Seeking revenge, we presume.
  • Closing your launcher after entering TERA will cause possible crashes at server select. Please keep your launcher running to avoid this issue.
  • Dynamic Veridian – This mount quest will appear twice now if you are level 11 and log into 16.03.05. It won’t, however, get you a horse of another color.
  • Queues are displaying ordinals incorrectly. ("You are 1th} in line.") If it was just "1th" it wouldn’t be a big deal, but you can’t handle the "2th".
  • Items with a re-use cooldown over 20 minutes display the cooldown abnormally in the tooltip window.
  • When the Negotiate Confirmation popup (the brokerage negotiation) UI shows under ten seconds remaining, clicking OK does not work.
  • When a priest's Final Reprisal is triggered as a chain skill, the chain skill icon disappears too quickly.
  • Lock-on skills that are not registered on the first skill tray do not fire with left-click.
  • Mystic's Thrall of Life reports amount healed twice. That thrall…what a showoff.
  • The effects of both glyphs for the mystic's skill Teleport Jaunt do not apply at the same time.
  • When a stacked item without a cooldown (such as a charm) is placed on the shortcut tray and right-clicked, you will spend two rather than just one. Charming.

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