Patch 16.03.07

Patch 16.03.07

March 21, 2012

Cool New Stuff

  • In PvP situations, player level will be exposed when you target another player (just like monsters display their level). This should help those "fight or flight" decisions.
  • Doubled the maximum number of characters you can type into all chat channels. We promise it won't go all "Barrens chat" on you, though.
  • Increased difficulty from levels 1–15 on an experimental basis. Players will have around 30% less HP and return to baseline by level 20. That red bar at the top of your screen? Kinda important.
  • Terron Treasure Trove Event: Added surprise boxes around the world (except for Island of Dawn). We'd tell you more, but then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?

Bugs Squashed

  • Certain quest items were nonexistent due to continent restrictions, but now they're back. Quest gatherables and monsters will be back in Ostgarath province for level 30–33 characters.

What Happened? (Some Things to Still Look Out For)

  • In the "Head of the Cult" quest, the completion button is missing. Even for cultists, stealing the completion button is a new low.
  • In the "Fall of the Betrayer" quest, the quest reminders are off by one step. This requires a time machine to fix; no ETA on time travel. (How could there be?)

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