Patch 17.25.01

Patch 17.25.01

April 18, 2012

Hello, TERA players—Vekas the Wicked Tree here. You may remember me from the Island of Dawn. You know...the place where YOU KILLED ME. (You murderer!) Supposedly I didn't live up to the whole "wicked tree" thing, so En Masse is making me deliver these patch notes. I know it's punishment, but it's also my REVENGE! You're about to read about new instances WHERE YOU WILL DIE. About new groups you can ally with THAT WILL PROBABLY BETRAY YOU IN THE END. About nexuses—interdimensional places THAT WILL BE YOUR DOOM. There's a new playable prologue THAT WILL PROBABLY MAKE YOU PEE YOUR PANTS. You'll even read about new skills, new gear, and NEW WAYS I SHALL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH, MORTAL. Hundreds of changes—NONE OF WHICH WILL SAVE YOU IN THE END.

There, all done. Can I have some pigling now?


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Instance Matching System

In order to facilitate group play in the instanced dungeons, we've implemented the Instance Matching System. The IMS will pick players from a pool of cross-server characters to form groups to tackle the dungeons, helping to minimize wait times.

  • The following IMS rewards are being removed with our launch build, but are included in our Open Beta Test build.
    • Players who use the matching system and defeat the final boss of an instance receive a reward item, "Valkyon's Response I - IV," that may drop various consumables and a gem (which can be sold for gold) via the in-game mail system. Players who use the instance matching system also earn more tokens and get attack speed increase buffs.
    • For solos and duos: the party gets a 4% attack speed increase.
    • For trios: the party gets a 3% attack speed increase.
    • For quartets: the party gets a 2% attack speed increase.
  • Timing on the "dropout" debuff, applied when someone leaves a group after it forms, has changed to be immediate, rather than after the group has existed for 10 minutes. The dropout debuff applies only to the party leader when the party disbands. The dropout debuff is not applied to party members who are kicked out of the party.
  • The 50% reduction in dungeon reset time for players who use the matching system does not apply to Temple of Balder and Fane of Kaprima.

Reputation System/Daily Quests

With this system, the player performs quests to increase reputation with various factions to purchase exclusive items. Reputation levels are Hostile, Suspicious, Apprehensive, Wavering, Neutral, Favorable, Friendly, Trusted, Revered—viewable in the reputation information tab in the character information window.

  • Reputation levels limit which items a player can purchase from a faction. Reputation levels increase as the player performs daily quests offered by a faction and hunts certain monsters in an area.
  • Daily quests are available at the base town of each faction and are indicated with a green mark. The Agnitor faction provides quests as soon as the player enters a nexus area.
  • The six factions are as follows:
    • Invalesco: Enabled when player enters Val Tirkai. A Mysterium group dedicated to unlocking the secrets to defeating the argons in Val Tirkai.
    • Shariar: Enabled when player enters the Khanovar Front. A unit of irregular forces engaged in operations against the argons on the front line.
    • Valsekyr Hunt: Enabled when a player enters the province surrounding Kanstria (Val Kaeli). A loose fraternity of soldiers, mercenaries, and hunters who love big game and take the battle to the argons.
    • Hyderad Legacy: Enabled when a player attains level 60. This faction, centered Balder's Refuge are followers of the principles of Hyderad, who work to preserve the past and protect the environment.
    • Hands of Velika: Enabled when a player attains level 60. A secret coalition of merchants and soldiers who look after the city's best interests and act on its behalf.
    • Agnitor: Enabled when a player attains level 59. An elite team of scholars dedicated to unlocking the secrets behind the nexuses. The reputation store sells new mounts, grade 13 superior equipment, accessories, and consumables.
  • Players can perform up to 10 daily quests per day, with a maximum of 5 daily quests for each faction. The Agnitor faction offers a maximum of 2 daily quests per day, depending on the player's reputation level. The daily limit resets at 2:00 AM, server time.
  • Reputation stores offer items purchasable with gold and with accumulated credits. Items include green accessory crystals, materials for accessories, accessories, mounts, and various consumables.


Six to eight nexuses randomly appear in the Khanovar Front, as well as the Argonea, and Granarkus regions of Val Kaeli. Each nexus has three stages with progressively stronger monsters. If players defeat all monsters at each stage, the nexus closes and the players receive reputation values and reputation points with the Agnitor faction (via the quests the players automatically received when they entered the nexus).

  • When a nexus closes, another one appears somewhere else in the region. Nexuses continue to appear in this way until the players close all of the six to eight nexuses, or until an hour after the first nexus is created. Each nexus gradually grows larger, making the ordinary monsters in the area disappear.
  • Players who enter a nexus randomly receive both a stacking buff and debuff, and both accumulate over time. They also are automatically offered a party through a matching system, and they receive "The Mysterious Nexus" quest (if the player is level 59 or higher). A player receives different versions of the quest at each stage of the nexus. Quests are complete when all monsters for that stage are defeated, but a player automatically fails the quest if the player does not perform any activities for a certain period of time after attacking a nexus monster.
  • Every monster in the nexus (other than the small monsters) drops a nexus-exclusive reward item called the "Nexus Boon." Anyone can loot this item; doing so gives a small amount of reputation points with the Agnitor.
  • Players receive an additional reward when they complete all automatically received quests from Stage 1 to Stage 3 of a nexus, and when they complete the three stages while 30 or more players have participated.


  • In-game currency has changed from gold into denominations of copper (equivalent to the pre-patch gold), silver (equal to 100 copper), and gold (equal to 100 silver).

Pegasus Travel

  • Players can travel directly from town to town without passing through a major city.

Trade Broker

  • A smart search function has been added, enabling searches for items with specific conditions or attributes. The search function is more detailed.
  • The maximum number of items you can sell at once is increased to 50.
  • When you register an item to sell, its minimum and average price are displayed in the price input UI.


  • A warning message appears if a player puts enchanted equipment into the space intended for the material equipment to prevent accidental reversals. The tooltip for the equipment appears immediately to further confirm that the player has selected the right item.


  • Various achievements have been added for new game elements. New mounts, masks, and titles are offered as rewards for difficult achievements.

Rested Experience

  • The maximum rest bonus in level 1-33 zones has decreased. Higher levels zones have larger maximum rest bonuses.

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  • Added two dungeons: Suryati's Peak (level 56) and Ascent of Saravash (level 48), each with a 6-hour cooldown timer.
  • Since these will be popular spots for players to congregate, we've increased the size of no-PvP zone near Suryati's Peak and Ascent of Saravash to suppress unsavory activity.
  • We found some "Old Treasure Chests" in Suryati's Peak. We think two bosses—Nemona and Garan—have been hoarding them for ages since they drop this item every time.
  • The rich and crazy get richer: Sinestral Manor and Cultists' Refuge have improved drop rates.
  • Temple of Balder has been added as a level 60 instance. Enter from Balder's Refuge in Southern Shara. It has a 2-hour cooldown timer in normal mode and 6 hours in hard mode.
  • Fane of Kaprima has been added as a level 60 instance. Enter from Mistmoor Island. It has a 2-hour cooldown timer in normal mode and 6 hours in hard mode.

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  • Players can now use the riding skill in the following dungeons: Hungry Caverns, Azarel's Labyrinth, Pirate Grotto, Tenebrous Mines, Eldritch Academy, Citadel of Torment, Doomcrypt, Arachnaea, Temple of Dagon.
  • In Celestial Hills, Godric's Farm now functions as a teleportation camp.
  • New zones appropriate for level 58 characters include Tirkai Forest, Thrallhold, and the Three Towers.
  • New zones appropriate for level 59 characters include Khanovar Front, Argonea, and Granarkus (all in Northern Shara) and Balder's Refuge (in Southern Shara).
  • Named monsters that drop green accessory crystals have been added to the new zones, as follows: Hursaras (Khanovar Front), Volsurus (Argonea), Disholok (Granarkus), and Draelteryx (Thrallhold).

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  • Players can now explore the prologue tutorial of the Island of Dawn. Players will enter the game as a level 20 character of the same class and fight alongside the members of the first expedition. Players will receive quests to execute and explore the combat system. Upon completion, they'll land on the Island of Dawn as their proper level 1 character.
  • The "Building a Mystery" story quest can now be performed solo. The NPC Mattin's defense increased by 150%, the hit points of smaller monsters decreased by 60%, Kumases do not appear during the escort and a section where monsters appear has been added in the latter part of the quest.
  • Quests related to the Bastion of Lok, "Once More Into the Breach," "Pulling the Fangs," and "Runaway's Request," have been changed from story quests to general quests.
  • In the "Some Gave All" quest, the quest rewards have been modified to relate to small monsters so player progress in Tuwangi Mire goes more smoothly.
  • The "More Tuwangis to Kill" quest now gives quest rewards with options related to big monsters to make player progress for Celestial Hills go more smoothly.
  • Island of Dawn NPCs Leolin, Lilni, Jirash, and Taras have been moved to improve player movement through the zone.
  • Lumbertown NPC Latton has been moved to improve player movement through the zone.
  • Crescentia NPC Esedran has been moved to improve player movement through the zone.
  • Valley of Titans NPC Furlan has been moved to improve player movement through the zone.
  • Quests on the Island of Dawn, in Tuwangi Mire, and in Tenebrous Mines have had prerequisites changed to correspond with player flow through the area.
  • The "Into the Light" story quest now has a guide showing the location of Princess Rida after they complete the mission quest.

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  • Class-specific stats have been added to items, improving one specific skill. If the same class-specific stat exists on both weapon and armor, they stack.
  • Stolen Gift Boxes and Lost Gift Boxes can be stored in the bank.
  • Firesnaps, Firecracker Strings, and Smilecrackers stack to 99, up from 10.
  • Material items in inventory stack to 9,999, up from 999.
  • Rings and earrings with additional crystal slots have been added. Players can fill these accessory slots at high-level instance dungeons or through reputation rewards. Accessory crystals increase the total number of slots by 4. Each slot takes the newly introduced green crystals called zyrks.
  • Green crystals, zyrks, can be slotted into accessories. They come in two varieties, common and pristine, and are acquired as drops or from reputation shops. New crystals are as follows:
Crystal Name Effect
Powerful Zyrk  Strength increases.
Grounding Zyrk Endurance increases.
Impacting Zyrk Impact increases.
Balancing Zyrk Balance increases.
Carving Zyrk Critical Hit Rate increases.
Unyielding Zyrk Critical Resistance increases.
Relentless Zyrk The maximum HP increases.
Cunning Zyrk The maximum MP increases.
Swift Zyrk Attack Speed increases.
Griefing Zyrk Damage increases when hitting a PC.
Indomitable Zyrk Damage decreases when hit by a PC.
  • Hats and masks can be equipped in the head slot. They do not improve combat function, but customize a character's appearance. Most hats are acquired by purchasing materials from reputation stores and taking them to a milliner NPC in Velika. A few hats and masks are awarded to those who complete difficult achievements.
List of Hat Items
Shimmering Top Hat Black Top Hat Faerie Globe Angel Halo
Bow Hat Wicked Witch Hat Red Velvet Crown Blue Velvet Crown
Yellow Velvet Crown Purple Velvet Crown Sunflower Band Velik's Festival Hat
Aviator's Cap Purple Aviator's Cap Green Aviator's Cap Blue Aviator's Cap
Red Hood Green Hood Maroon Hood Purple Hood
Blue Tuwangi Turban Yellow Tuwangi Turban Purple Tuwangi Turban Green Tuwangi Turban
White Hair Feather Black Hair Feather Blue Hair Feather Golden Hair Feather
Dread Pirate's Dark Hat Dread Pirate's Red Hat Dread Pirate's Green Hat Dread Pirate's Tan Hat
Gray Adventurer Hat Red Adventurer Hat Blue Adventurer Hat Green Adventurer Hat
Yellow Starling Nestcap Pink Starling Nestcap Blue Starling Nestcap Red Starling Nestcap
Cute Popo Hat Blue Popo Hat Hot Pink Popo Hat Purple Popo Hat
Blue Party Hat Green Party Hat Navy Party Hat
List of Mask Items
Ghilliedhu Mask Kumas Mask Dwarf Orcan Mask
  • New mounts with a speed of 280 have been added, including Black Leopard (highest reward in reputation system), Death Charger (nexus achievement), Nexus Warhorse (nexus reputation), Aeolian Zebra (reward in level 60 hard-mode instances), Shadow Steed (reward for level 60 story quest).
  • The cooldown time of greater charms decreased from 5 seconds to 1 second.
  • The crafting design for temple guardian weapons and armor is now superior grade. The maximum amount of damage defense for the temple guardian lance and temple guardian axe is slightly increased. The HP recovery of temple guardian staff and temple guardian scepter is slightly increased.
  • Cooldown time for all mounts is decreased to 1 second from 3 seconds.

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  • Eagle's Eye has been added. It slows archer movement by 20%, increases Strength by 50, increases PvP damage by 20%, and uses 10 MP/sec.
  • Concussion Trap is a new skill that sets a trap in front of you that paralyzes the target and nearby enemies. The Concussion Trap glyph is the Glyph of Energy. It decreases cooldown time by 20%.
  • Ensnaring Trap is a new skill that sets a trap in front of you that slows the target and nearby enemies. The Ensnaring Trap glyph is the Glyph of Energy. It decreases cooldown time by 20%.
  • Explosion Trap is a new skill that sets a trap in front of you that inflicts explosion damage on the target and others nearby. The Explosion Trap glyph is the Glyph of Power. It increases damage by 25%.


  • Evasive Smash is a new two-part skill that interrupts a charging skill to perform an evasive roll, and then delivers an attack. Evasive Smash can be used only in conjunction with charging skills. Press the skill button immediately after the evasive roll to make the attack. Damage varies depending on the level of the charging skill. The Evasive Smash glyph is the Glyph of Power. It increases damage by 25%.


  • Chained Leash is a new skill that throws a leash around a target within range. The attack stuns the target and pulls a maximum of six enemies nearer to the target. The Chained Leash glyph is the Glyph of Energy. It decreases cool down time by 20%.


  • Warding Totem is a new skill that summons a stationary item that casts a warding effect on allies within range; the warding restores HP every few seconds. The Warding Totem glyph is the Glyph of Brilliance. It decreases the MP cost by 500.


  • Healing Immersion is a new skill that locks on a target and shoots a healing light that restores HP to all party members within a certain range of the locked-on target. Healing Immersion can be cast while moving. The Healing Immersion glyph is the Glyph of Persistence. It grants a 40% chance to eliminate the cool down timer.
  • Grace of Resurrection is a new skill that resurrects the caster immediately with 120% of HP and MP. The Grace of Resurrection glyph is the Glyph of Energy. It decreases the cool down time by 40%.


  • Measured Slice is a new skill that hits the enemy's neck. It activates faster if you first use Overhand Strike. The Measured Slice glyph is the Glyph of Carving. It doubles the chance of a critical hit.


  • Stone Skin is a new skill that transforms your body into stone, rendering you immune to all attacks for a short time. Using the skill again deactivates it. The Stone Skin glyph is the Glyph of Energy. It decreases cool down time by 20%.


  • Warriors have skills that increase their "edge" by attacking enemies, and the edge is later exploited for extra damage or debuffs. The following skills accumulate edge: Poison Blade, Charging Slash, Death From Above, Combative Strike (level 3 or higher), Backstab, Rain of Blows (level 3 or higher), Rising Fury (level 2 or higher), Blade Draw. The following skills exploit edge: Battle Cry, Scythe.
  • Edge is tracked on a per-enemy basis. If two or more warriors attack the same enemy, the warriors share the same edge. There is a maximum to the amount of edge that accumulates.
  • Scythe is a new skill that attacks multiple enemies in a wide arc. Damage increases greatly if many stack points have accumulated. The Scythe glyph is the Glyph of Carving. It doubles the chance of a critical hit.

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Bug Fixes

  • Guild members can no longer attack each other while participating in guild vs. guild combat.
  • Skill durations no longer appear to reset after a mystic casts certain spells.
  • Items in a particular slot in the inventory should now properly identify when moused over.
  • An unidentifiable pop-up should no longer appear when a player quickly clicks the location of a camp on the teleport UI.
  • Monsters should no longer reset during combat in Tenebrous Mines.
  • The bug that prevented trade broker users from searching by some particular words has been fixed.
  • Slayers should be able to hit the target with Distant Blade and Exhausting Blow.
  • Users should be able to search properly using the "Enchant materials for my equipped items" in Smart Search.
  • The list of searched items should no longer disappear if a player closes the Trade Broker window, then opens it again while the advanced search function was active.
  • The amount of an item should correctly be applied to the suggested sell price in the Trade Broker.
  • The suggested price to sell should no longer display as 1 copper.
  • Crystals should no longer be destroyed when Crystalbind is applied.
  • The drop rate of Rebirth Robe should match Rebirth Cuirass and Rebirth Hauberk.
  • The priest's Glyph of Lingering should properly apply when players enter an instance.
  • Players cannot avoid the sphere pattern of Magnus's Toy in Balder's Temple through unusual skill use.
  • The monster quest marker for guild and daily quests should display properly.
  • A rare bug affecting the duration of the new sorcerer skill, Stone Skin, has been fixed.
  • The trade price should display normally when the players use Bargain or Bank.
  • Guild quests should be deleted normally in the quest log window.
  • The Baby Blue Horn Giant Toad, an NPC to escort, now has five times as much HP.
  • The Velik's Festival Ring can now be destroyed.
  • The quest window should no longer "unfold" when the player completes a quest.

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