Patch 17.25.02

Patch 17.25.02

April 27, 2012

Greetings, mortals. I, Zuulrakar, understand some of you have swept the field clean of foes. Congratulations. Take what comfort you can in your accomplishments because when you meet me in Val Aureum, your greatest achievement will be to slake my thirst! Even now, I pillage the ruins of the giants, gathering power and relics to hasten my victory over the Valkyon Federation. Oh, and Velik insists I tell you that you’ve some other things to look forward to, such as new hair colors, refinements to the enchanting system, and the ability to make war on guilds with absurdly long names. But mostly you should look forward to a glorious death.

When you next enter this world, rush to me, mortals. I hunger for fresh flesh.


New Stuff | Bugs Squashed

New Stuff

  • Added additional hair colors to the following races:
    • Humans: red, orange, yellow, green, blue
    • Castanics: red, orange, yellow, green (Castanics are never blue.)
    • Elins: red
    • High Elves: red, orange, green, blue
  • Modified the alkahests used in item enchantment. Unique alkahests are used for specific tiers of enchantment.
    • +1 to +6: Alkahest (sold by merchants)
    • +7 to +9: Refined Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
    • +10 to +12: Masterwork Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
  • Removed the inter-server party-matching buff, the Valkyon’s Response reward, and the Rescue Supplies. Grouping is its own reward.
  • Destiny Eggs and Lucky Eggs have been removed as quest rewards. The eggs were the primary source of combat consumables until the alchemy crafting system was complete. Any eggs earned in the Open Beta Test will still be there.
  • Gula Skinners in the Hungry Caverns no longer spawn minions because that’s not how they roll.
  • Items from Balder’s Temple and the Fane of Kaprima are now visible via smart search.
  • Deleted the unnecessary “Subscription Information” menu from the main menu.

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Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed a bug where certain surfaces appeared to flash, glow, or appear dark. We don’t want any flashing in TERA.
  • Fixed a bug where channels on the Island of Dawn increase infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where guild-versus-guild battles could not be declared on guilds with names longer than 32 characters. Your awkward battle cries will save you no longer.

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