May 18, 2012

Bugs Squashed | Known Issues

Bugs Squashed

  • This week's maintenance time was spent cleaning up the election halls for the upcoming vanarch elections. While sprucing up, we also washed away a couple dozen more bugs, including some odd characters like brackets and slashes hanging around in our dye timers and quests. If you continue to see odd characters, you might be hanging out in the wrong part of town.
  • Typos and doubled words were removed from other quests. An incorrect NPC name was fixed in The Long Goodbye quest. We corrected a creature name in The Angry Forest quest, and the location listed in the Rescue the Core quest.

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Known Issues

  • Popori pranksters have been caught playing with teleportal buttons. Please do not be alarmed by swapped labels on these buttons. The teleportals will deliver you to the right location despite any mislabeled buttons.

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