TERA Patch 17.29.03

Patch 17.29.03

June 5, 2012

New Stuff and Changes

Applied following changes to character transfers:

  • Level requirement will now be ten (was five). The new server has standards, you know.
  • Cooldown time for transfers per character will now be seven days (was 24 hours).
  • Amount of gold allowed during transfer will now be 30,000 (was 100,000).

Updated daily quest reset time:

  • Reset time will now be 8 a.m. PDT (was 7 p.m. PDT). Nothing says “You’re still up?” like a new set of dailies.

New Zone Channel Settings

  • Reduced the number of players needed to create a new zone channel.

Chat Channel Changes

  • Adjusted the timer on the LFG Channel to one message per minute to reduce global spam. Seriously, it’s not Barrens chat, people.

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