TERA Patch 17.32.02

Patch 17.32.02

June 29, 2012

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Cool New Stuff

  • Guild vs. Guild (GvG) competition has been added to the political system. And you thought politics was cutthroat before...
    • Would-be vanarchs select either “Voting” or “GvG Competition” when they register as candidates. Two provinces on each continent have been reserved for vanarch GvG and up to 50 guilds can register.
    • When the competition phase begins, the guilds of candidates who selected GvG enter a modified GvG battle with the other guilds on that continent that also have candidates who chose GvG.
    • The vanarch GvG battles last one week. Only kills scored on characters level 40 and up count, and the points a guild can earn from defeating a specific other guild has been capped.
    • Players in candidate guilds can check their current vanarch GvG points, but not the point totals of their competitors.
    • The two guilds with the most points on each continent get to rule.
  • The warrior class can now choose to be offense or defense in the instance dungeon matching system.
    • Warriors who choose defense automatically receive a buff when entering the dungeon. This is a temporary buff that will be gradually reduced with each patch until we update the planned improvements to tanking skills for the warrior.
      • 30 percent decrease in damage received.
      • 40 percent increase in aggro acquired.
      • 70 percent increase in endurance.

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Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed broken text links in some quests.
  • Fixed where in the game clocks appeared twice.
  • Fixed bug where trial accounts cannot block other characters.
  • Fixed spacing bug in guild window.
  • Fixed links to Pururu’s puppy in the daily quest.
  • Cleaned up some wording in Balder’s Temple to make the fights and instance flow clearer.
  • Cleaned up some confusing names around the mills in the questline “Unveil the Mask.”

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Miscellaneous Changes

  • Increased crafting skill level-ups per successful crafting attempt. More time fighting, less time in the workshop!
  • Frames per second performance indicator has been added to the UI. It moves with the clock, but you can turn off either independently.
  • Guildmasters can now delegate GvG rights of declaration, surrender, changing GvG state (PVE server only) to a designated guild rank.
  • When warriors use Traverse Cut as a chain skill, damage received now decreases by 70 percent.
  • When using an emote more than four times within five seconds, the chat message associated with that emote will not display. You can still /cry as much as you want to, though.
  • The social chat message from successful gathering and crafting will no longer be displayed. Save the cheers; save the world!
  • Teleport scrolls from vanarch specialty stores will now indicate which instance they take you to.
  • Unique art assets have been added for guilds to congregate around.
    • Fighting arena outside the Velika north gate.
    • Guild gathering spots.
    • Podium (at Freedom Plaza within Velika).
  • Trial users will now receive options to purchase TERA throughout their trial play.
  • Trial characters will no longer be kicked out at level 23, but will no longer gain experience.

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  • We found some more loot! Rewards have been increased for six instance dungeons.
    • Sigil Adstringo: increase in weapon drops, armor drops, added crystals.
    • Ascent of Saravash: increase in weapon drops, armor drops, added crystals.
    • Suryati’s Peak: increase in weapon drops, armor drops, added crystals.
    • Kelsaik’s Nest (normal): added crystals.
    • Kelsaik’s Nest (hard):
      • Increase in fanesteel drops.
      • Increase in dream bindings drops.
      • Increase in tier 13 weapon drops.
      • Increase in tier 13 armor drops.
      • More refined alkahest and masterwork alkahest are dropped on average per dungeon run.
      • More crystals are dropped on average per dungeon run.
    • Labyrinth of Terror (hard): Increase godsmarrow drop rate, sleeper armor drops, and crystal drops per dungeon run.

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