TERA Patch 17.32.03

Patch 17.32.03

July 10, 2012

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Cool New Stuff

  • Instance matcher rewards have been implemented.
    • Players may receive a box full of random items as a reward for using instance matching.
      • Rescue Supplies: Earned if you join midway through an instance run. Includes valuables such as arunic panaceas, charms, elixirs, safe haven scrolls, and scrolls of resurrection.
      • Valkyon’s Response: Earned if you complete the instance. Includes arunic panaceas, safe haven scrolls, charms, and various crystals.
    • Higher-level dungeons have better random rewards. You can receive both boxes in the same instance run.

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Bugs Squashed

  • The following quest items can now be removed from inventory: outlaw declaration manual, dowsing rods. If you hate rebels and underground water sources, this is the best bug-fix ever.
  • The achievement for the “A Cautionary Tale” quest has been eliminated.

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Miscellaneous Changes

  • Leaving a guild starts a 24-hour cooldown before joining any guild is allowed. Your real-life cooldown may take longer.
  • Vanarch flags displaying the vanarch’s guild logo have been added and can be bought with policy points. Vanarchs can plant the flag anywhere in the province they rule.
  • Vanarch activities are now displayed. Consider it our contribution to “transparency in government.”
  • Hovering the mouse over the clock/FPS UI will reveal a tooltip showing ping, play time (starting from world entrance), and total play time for that character. Let the “my play time is higher than your play time” competitions begin!
  • In vanarch guild-versus-guild competitions, the maximum points you can earn per day from a specific opposing guild has been reduced from 600 to 100.

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Known Issues

  • When trying to look at the game stat UI tooltip, the tooltip occasionally appears in an abnormal location when the pointer is near the UI boundary. The tooltip just appears in an abnormal location on your computer screen, though, not “inside your refrigerator” or “on a billboard in Lima, Peru.” Those would be really abnormal locations for a game stat UI tooltip.

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