TERA Patch


September 4, 2012

Bugs Squashed | Known Issues

Bugs Squashed

  • The gold, silver, and bronze achievements for Fraywind Canyon rankings have had their text adjusted to reflect rewards for seasonal rankings instead of weekly rankings.
  • The “Heal Them All” quest correctly tells you to talk to Trikaian.
  • The glyph of collaboration for mystics has been renamed glyph of grounding to reflect the skill applied.
  • The mystic skill Warding Totem, now calls itself by its real name.

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Known Issues

  • In the “Natural Wonders” quest, the NPC Isobel doesn’t allow the quest to advance.
  • In the “Talk like a Pirate” quest, the NPCs Finn and Dilato don’t allow the quest to advance.

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