TERA Patch 18.10.06a

Patch 18.10.06a

November 13, 2012 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

Bugs Squashed | Also

Bugs Squashed

  • Kelsaik’s Nest (hard mode) loot is now back to normal. Sorry about that.
  • Cleaning up the aftermath of “Swimsuitgate” and triplicating parcels.

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  • Door prizes to all participants of the battleground event have been delivered. Please check both parcel post (for game items) and Item Claim (for cosmetic items). All players are getting:
    • 10 intricate identification scrolls
    • 10 master enigmatic scrolls
    • 15 refined alkahests
    • 15 master alkahests
    • 1 glitzy mask
    • 1 William Tell red apple
    • 1 William Tell green apple

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