TERA Patch 18.10.07

Patch 18.10.07

November 20, 2012 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

Nexus Changes | Battlegrounds Changes | Dungeon Changes | Miscellaneous Changes
Bugs Squashed

Nexus Changes

  • More nexuses than ever before! Nexuses are now open daily at noon, 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. (all times Pacific). And yes, they’re nexuses. Quit calling them nexi.
  • The nexus now silhouettes players if 80 or more people are within a single nexus. You can increase the maximum before silhouetting up to 500 with the Real-Time Optimization slider in the Video tab of the Options menu.
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Battlegrounds Changes

  • Battleground scoring has changed.
    • You earn points toward (or off of) your Battleground Ranking for:
      • Kills (1 point each)
      • Deaths (-1 point each)
      • Assists (1 point each)
      • Victory (20 points)
      • Loss (-15 points)
    • For individual scoring during a battle, the reward for capping a pyre has been lowered to 150 points, rather than 500 points.
  • Don’t act so desperate! The trigger for the Desperate Resolve buff has changed.
    • In pickup groups:
      • Desperate Resolve activates when a team falls behind by 2,000 points, rather than 1,000 points.
      • Desperate Resolve ends when the point differential is 1,000 or less, rather than 300 points.
    • In premade groups, Desperate Resolve never triggers.
  • Bellicarium Credit awards have changed.
    • In premade battlegrounds, you now receive credits for:
      • Victory (80 credits)
      • Loss (30 credits)
      • Contribution to the battle (up to 50 credits)
    • The Bellicarium quartermaster items now cost fewer Bellicarium credits. They’re slashing prices for far longer than just Black Friday.
  • Dropping out of a battleground before it ends now counts as a loss.
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Dungeon Changes

  • Gold and loot drops in the following dungeons have increased:
    • Fane of Kaprima (normal and hard mode)
    • Balder’s Temple (normal and hard mode)
    • Argon Corpus (normal and hard mode)
    • Manaya’s Core (normal and hard mode)
    • Temple of Temerity
    • Sirjuka Gallery
  • The drop rate for quills in Manaya’s Core (hard mode) has doubled.
  • The drop rate for visionmaker recipes has increased fivefold in the following dungeons:
    • Fane of Kaprima (hard mode)
    • Balder’s Temple (hard mode)
    • Argon Corpus (normal and hard mode)
  • We’re introducing a rookie system for dungeons. The first ten times you enter each dungeon, you’ll get a 25 percent increase in drop rates on the final boss—for you and everyone in your party. (You might want to mention the “25 percent extra loot” part when you’re looking for a group.)
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Miscellaneous Changes

  • The third tab in the Character Profile window has changed from “PVP” to “Dungeon/PvP Stats”—and dungeon clear rates are now displayed here.
  • All things in TERA now reset at 4 a.m. Pacific. Feel free to go to sleep and/or wake up at that point.
  • Cosmetic items purchased on the En Masse Store or received through promotions are now tradable and bind on equip, including items you already own but have not previously equipped. Any bind-on-equip items that you equipped prior to the update (and thus bound to your character) remain bound to your character and cannot be traded.
  • The instance matching buff has been disabled. Other instance-related benefits, including the new rookie buff, remain active.

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Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed the problem of some monster attacks not dealing any damage to players wearing no armor. The amount of damage has been upgraded to “a lot.”
  • Fixed the problem of being unable to search for enigmatic scrolls in the Trade Broker. They’re enigmatic, but they’re not that enigmatic.
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