TERA Patch Notes 19.04.05

Patch 19.04.05

May 14, 2013 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Cool New Stuff | Miscellaneous Changes | Bugs Squashed

Cool New Stuff

  • Kelsaik’s Raid (10- and 20-player) is now here!
    • Everyone will automatically obtain the quest “A Bigger, Badder Kelsaik” upon reaching level 60. But don’t think you can blow his house down just because you hit level 60.
    • Raids can enter via the Instance Matching system or via the raid teleportal located next to the regular Kelsaik’s Nest teleportal.
    • The quest reward contains:
      • 300 gold
      • 2,500,000 XP
      • Kelsaik’s Treasure Crate, which contains gems
    • Two new achievements have been added.
      • Be the first 10-person raid on the server to kill Raid X Kelsaik.
      • Be the first 20-person raid on the server to kill Raid XX Kelsaik, which grants the Pro Raider—Mark I title.
    • Both instance versions have a cooldown of one entry per day. Instance reset scrolls do not apply to raid instances.
    • No masterworked or pre-enchanted items drop in these dungeons.
    • Two new sets of enchantable tier 14 weapons and armor are introduced.
      • The 20-person raid drops the Mayhem Set.
      • The 10-person raid drops the Dismay Set.
    • New superior jewelry also has a chance to drop.

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Miscellaneous Changes

  • Champions’ Skyring (unranked and ranked) can now be solo- or duo-queued. But you cannot quad-queue. Five is right out.
  • A warning pop-up window now alerts users who try to sell masterworked, enchanted, or crystal-equipped gears to merchants, specialty stores, and crystal merchants.
  • The character- and account-bound skill books for Boneshaker are now discardable.
  • Traveler’s insurance and the four summon NPC scrolls it contains are all now tradable.
  • The prologue tutorial has been removed. But there are plenty of other beaches to enjoy.

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Bugs Squashed

  • Rookie buffs from Manaya’s Core normal mode can no longer transfer to party members in hard mode.
  • Common and master enigmatic scrolls can now be used from the shortcut tray.
  • Fixed the issue where temporary mounts were not expiring at the correct time. The horses responsible have had a good talking-to.

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