TERA Patch 21.17.01

Patch 21.17.01

August 13, 2013 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Alliance Overview | Miscellaneous Changes | Elite Status Bar | Bugs Squashed | Known Issues

What’s New

Alliances are here! For a full rundown on how things work, please check out our game guide.

Alliance Overview

  • Choose between three different alliances. Five is right out.
    • Free Traders Collective (based out of Velika)
    • Enlightened Union (based out of Allemantheia)
    • Iron Order (based out of Kaiator)
  • Each alliance has an open-world hall from which members can access their alliance’s instanced territory.
  • Players join an alliance as part of a guild.
    • Only guild masters have the power to join or leave an alliance.
    • Guild masters join through an alliance administrator NPC who can be found in one of the three cities or your chosen alliance’s hall.
    • To join an alliance, a guild must pay the registration fee of 1,000 gold.
    • Guilds can be in only one alliance at a time. There is a six-hour cooldown to switch a guild’s alliance.
    • Once a guild master joins an alliance, all guild members automatically become cadets for that alliance.
    • To become a full member of the alliance, a player must collect 1,000 contribution points. Contribution points come from leveling, alliance PvP, alliance quests, and extractor competitions. You’ll need many more contribution points to rise through the echelon ranks.
    • If players leave a guild (and therefore, an alliance), their accumulated contribution points are deducted from the guild’s total contribution points.
  • Each alliance has executor guilds open to any player who wishes to participate in alliance activities without joining a specific guild. These guilds have some limits:
    • Each executor guild can hold no more than 100 members.
    • Executor guilds cannot participate in GvG. The NPC guild masters refuse to get out of their seats and talk to the shadow merchants.
    • These guilds do not have guild banks. They won’t talk to bankers either.
    • Members of executor guilds are not eligible for exarch or commander positions in the alliance, but they may still qualify for echelon ranks.
  • Exarch Competition and Schedule
    • Exarchs reign over a whole continent instead of just a province. Their powers differ from the old vanarchs in a few ways.
      • Clerics of Restoration and specialty store NPCs are now always active—they are no longer controlled by players.
      • PvP is not controlled by exarchs or other players.
      • Exarchs have the power to appoint three special commanders to oversee raid, security, and supply within their alliance.
      • Exarchs have exclusive buffs for all members of their alliance. These include:
        • XP bonus
        • Power/balance/endurance bonus
        • PvP combat bonus
      • Exarchs set and collect taxes.
      • Exarchs can increase enchanting success rates at the alliance enchanter.
      • Exarchs distribute funds and policy points to echelons and commanders so they can fulfill their positions.
      • Exarchs get a special mask. To help smooth out all those worry lines.
    • Commanders and echelons are also ranking officials in each alliance.
      • Commanders
        • Exarchs appoint three commanders each. These commanders must be guild masters.
        • Each commander receives funds, access to an exclusive merchant, and exclusive skills for the type of commander they are.
        • Raid Commanders control infiltration beacons within enemy alliance territory. Sometimes referred to as “offence.”
        • Security Commanders summon guards, fences, and siege weapons in own alliance territory. Sometimes referred to as “defense.”
        • Supply Commanders summon and stock an alliance quartermaster shop. Never referred to as “the ball park vendor selling beer and peanuts.”
      • Echelons
        • Any player having joined the alliance can become an echelon member by obtaining enough alliance contribution points.
        • The 80 members of an alliance with the most contribution points are eligible to become echelons.
        • Echelons have special masks and access to exclusive merchants.
        • Echelon has four ranks, with each successive rank granting access to more war flags that aid in combat.
          • Echelon 4: Flag to increase resistance of nearby members.
          • Echelon 3: Flags to increase movement speed and resistance of nearby members.
          • Echelon 2: Flags to increase defense, movement speed, and resistance of nearby members.
          • Echelon 1: Flags to increase attack power, defense, movement speed, and resistance of nearby members.
    • Each exarch season lasts two weeks.
      • Week 1—Guilds begin accumulating points.
      • Week 2—Point accumulation continues. Exarch registration begins. An exarch is crowned at the end of this second week based on points accumulated from the first two weeks. The top 80 players are crowned the echelon rank.
      • Week 3—New exarch reign cycle begins. Guilds begin to accumulate points for the next exarch reign.
      • Week 4—Same as week 2.
  • The Alliance Vaults
    • Alliance vault entry times vary depending on the extractor competition ranking of the previous day.
    • The entry times can be viewed in the Alliance Menu -> Standings -> Vault Access Hours.
    • The highest-ranked alliance has a higher chance for more entry time to the vault.
    • The vault allows only a single alliance member—who must be above cadet level—to enter.
    • The single-player vault has a three-hour cooldown.
    • The vault contains one soloable BAM.
      • The BAM drops various items and accessories as loot.
      • Daily quests allow players to obtain additional contribution points and noctenium infusion in the vault.
      • May drop a ticket to the Vault of Allies, a special five-player vault.
    • The BAM inside the Vault of Allies is stronger and offers a higher drop rate on items. Argon vitriols and Visionmaker designs also have a chance to drop.
    • The Vault of Allies has no cooldown, but does require a ticket and five players of the same alliance to enter. Each player must possess a ticket.
  • Noctenium Extractors
    • Each alliance territory contains 100 noctenium extractors.
    • Players can enter enemy alliance territory and a take an extractor key from an enemy noctenium extractor to fulfill a repeatable quest.
    • A player can carry up to five keys.
    • When turning the quest in, that alliance controls one additional noctenium extractor. Whoever controls the most noctenium extractors has the best chances for access to the alliance vault.
    • When in possession of a key, players cannot mount, teleport, or use the unstuck function without dropping the key. To force players to drop keys, enemies can use “drop bombs”—or, when PvP is active, kill them.
    • Dropped keys can be picked up by any other player, but will not be picked up by pets. You don’t want your pets swallowing them.
    • The noctenium extractor competition begins at 4 a.m. and ends at midnight Pacific.
  • Noctenium Infusion
    • Noctenium infusion strengthens the power of certain class skills.
    • Noctenium infusion can be created from:
      • Pure noctenium powder (from alliance quest rewards)
      • Noctenium tissue
      • Affinity catalyst (sold by the alliance quartermaster NPC)
    • Consumption of noctenium infusion varies by skill. In general, one skill use consumes one noctenium infusion, even if the attack misses.
    • View this chart of skills affected by noctenium infusion.
    • Noctenium infusion can be toggled off and on in the Inventory UI.
  • Invisible BAMs
    • Each alliance territory has a roaming BAM that cannot be seen.
    • Groups will need detection totems to find these BAMs. Or an amazing amount of luck.
    • These BAMs can drop noctenium membranes.
    • Each of these BAMs has a one-hour spawn cooldown.
  • BAM Summoning Sticks
    • Players can create a summoning stick by combining items obtained from the alliance territories. THIS IS MY BAMSTICK!
    • Players can make three grades of summoning sticks: common, rare, and superior.
    • Hunting BAMs spawned by these sticks yields ingredients essential to manufacturing noctenium infusion and noctenium-infused gear.
    • If the BAM is summoned in a confined space and gets stuck inside walls, it despawns.
    • The spawned BAM automatically despawns if not attacked within 100 seconds.
    • BAM summoning sticks cannot be used in major cities or towns, alliance halls, or at the entrance of max-level dungeons.
  • Quests
    • Added three new mission quests to introduce alliance and noctenium infusion to players.
      • These quests are automatically received at level 60 and will take players to the Island of Dawn.
      • Three new alliance-related cinematics have been added with these quests. Break out the popcorn!
    • Alliance quests are repeatable daily, with the exception of the infiltration and the noctenium extractor quests, which can be repeated more often.
  • Alliance PvP
    • Alliance PvP is only enabled during certain times. To see the times, please see our TERA Calendar page.
    • During alliance PvP times, PvP is enabled in all alliance instanced territories. PvP and PvE will still behave regularly in the open world, depending on server type.
      • Outlaw skills will not work in instanced alliance territories.
    • During PvP times, infiltration quests are available. These allow players to invade opposing alliance territories and relieve them of 40 percent of their collected taxes. Robbing in the hood!
      • Each alliance territory has a home base protected by an executor NPC.
      • The executor has a shield, which protects against all attacks. The duration of this shield depends on the alliance’s rank, with the longest duration going to the lowest-ranked alliance and the shortest duration going to the highest-ranked alliance.
      • If the executor dies, that alliance’s taxes will be evenly distributed among all infiltrating alliance members.
        • Executors respawn after two hours.
        • PvP is disabled for two hours after the executor is killed.

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Miscellaneous Changes

  • The traveler’s journal can now be stored in banks and discarded.
  • Cyasmic oil and argon vitriol increased to superior grade. Still won’t damage your engine.
  • Drop rate for Shandra’s quill has increased.
  • Made changes to Manaya’s Core.
    • Melkatran now summons the same number of minions at 20 percent as at 70 percent in hard mode.
    • Melkatran becomes invincible during movement at 20 percent and 70 percent. This monster previously became invincible upon reaching the middle of the map.
  • Quest “Strange Attractors” has increased from 3,200 to 3,840 XP.
  • Quest “Joining the Ranks” has increased from 15,000 to 16,500 XP.
  • EME anniversary loading screens have been removed.
  • Atari logo has been removed.
  • Cooldown to join guilds has been reduced to 6 hours.
  • Munsel dye kit has been removed from the in-game dye merchant.
  • The durations of all dyes (except for veteran apothecary dye) have decreased to one hour.
  • Players may now use “/rp” for the emote command, rather than the original “/e” command.
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Elite Status Bar

  • Two slots have been added to the elite status bar.
    • Fifth slot delivers a 1-day village atlas into the player’s inventory upon usage.
    • Sixth slot delivers an exclusive elite gift box once per day.
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Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed the issue of item descriptions not displaying correctly in Valkyon Outfitters.
  • Fixed the issue of the full price being displayed in the middle of the screen while the actual purchase is discounted in Valkyon Outfitters.
  • Female castanic characters can now climb specific vines in Amena Quatla.
  • An outlaw’s HP bar no longer displays red when joining a party.
  • Fixed bug where players were unable to deactivate the cooldown notice.
  • Fixed Corsair’s Stronghold ranking not being updated properly in the PvP record section of the Profile window.
  • Players can no longer ride the Battle Charger mount without fulfilling requirements.

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Known Issues

  • Noctenium infusion effect does not display correctly on Mana Charge skill for the priest.
  • Server-first achievements are shown as accomplished (in green) even if requirement is not met.
  • Pop-up and system messages are not currently displayed in the Vault of Allies.
  • System messages are not displayed while using some consumable items.
  • Vault access hours do not currently display or highlight the correct time.
    • The vault access indicator on the “Overview” page of Alliance Information displays the correct information.
  • The timer for the extractor competition does not currently highlight the correct time.

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Editor's note: Corrections have been made to these patch notes since their original publication.

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