Patch 23.04.02

TERA Human Hammering Man

October 22, 2013 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. Pacific)

Battleground Changes | Halloween Event | Bugs Squashed

Battleground Changes

  • Fraywind Canyon
    • Desperate Resolve buff has been disabled.
    • Made changes to Killing Spree.
      • Killing Spree Credits:
        • You can now get up to 70 contribution credits.
        • A team leader now gets 50 bonus credits.
        • Credits for losing has been lowered to 10.
        • So if you win, you can get up 125 credits. 175 if you are team leader. If you lose, you can get up to 80 credits.
      • Reputation:
        • 150 Killing Spree reputation for winning
        • 50 Killing Spree reputation for losing.
  • Champions’ Skyring
    • You now get 75 Killing Spree credits for losing.

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Halloween Event

  • Event is extended until November 14.
  • Prices have been adjusted for Halloween candy redemptions.
    • The candy cost of Riding Skill: BoneShaker has been lowered to 450.
    • The candy cost of Care and Use of Your Pet: Boo has been lowered to 250.

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Bugs Squashed

  • Princess Arin’s Maid Uniform now displays the correct image.
  • Candyspinner (1-day) skill from elite gift box now can be learned.
  • Strikeforce weapons’ text now displays the correct weapon bonus as increase PvP damage instead of defense.
  • Outlaw manual skill now matches the skill tooltip in the skill book.
  • “Where Is Thy Sting?” achievement has been updated to remove “Nightmare” from the Meldita requirement.
  • Horned helm now refers to the correct NPC.
  • Enchanted berserker and slayer weapons from Nightforge, Steadfast, Strikeforce, and Wonderholme sets now glow correctly.
  • “Akasha’s Left Hand” achievement now correctly indicates you must knock down Nightmare Shargrim and not just kill him.
  • “Nowhere to Hide” achievement now correctly indicates the “Restraining Order”achievement as a requirement.
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