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Patch Notes 24.06.02

January 28, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

New Festivals

Festivals abound in the world of TERA from Tuesday, January 28 until Tuesday, April 1.


After years of war and rebellion, the Freeholds are finally free from conflict—and the farmers are eager to hold their midwinter festival again at long last! Log in and join the fun! Starting Tuesday, January 28, level 28 characters can visit the Freeholds to participate in a wide variety of country fair events and games—as well as placing wagers on the titanic clashes going on in the Bamarama!

Pond Faire

Love is in the aire at Pond Faire! Players level 18 and up can join in the celebration as the baba (baby) tuwangis turn seven, grow up, and start their new lives. You can find all the happenings in Tuwangi Mire at the giant flaming frog bonfire and the pond below. You’ll find the festival full of drums, frogs, and tuwangis.

New Stuff

  • Three new mini games
  • Nine new quests for Rootstock, five of which are daily quests
  • Eight new quests for Pond Faire, five of which are daily quests
  • Ten new achievements

For festival details, check out our latest news post.

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Elite Update

  • Free monthly elite item changes from a dyeable steampunk costume to a permanent character-bound EX-TRM mount on January 29.
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Bug fixes

  • Content of blackheart box has been corrected.
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