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Patch 25.05

February 20, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

Solo Dungeons | Wonderholme Changes | Battlegrounds | New Stuff
Alliance Update | Miscellaneous | Bug Fixes

Solo Dungeons

  • Solo dungeons have been added to leveling zones.
    • Bastion of Lok (5-minute cooldown)
    • Sinestral Manor (5-minute cooldown)
    • Cultists’ Refugee (5-minute cooldown)
    • Necromancer Tomb (5-minute cooldown)
    • Golden Labyrinth (5-minute cooldown)
    • Ebon Tower (1-hour cooldown)
  • Multiple completion routes are available for each dungeon.
    • The completion route variants are marked with different colors on the mini map.
    • A random completion route is assigned to the player upon entry.
    • The player can only move within the given route.
  • If killed, the player is resurrected at the start of the assigned dungeon route.
  • Dungeon cooldown timer starts at the time of entry.
  • The dungeons can accommodate up to a three-player party.
  • Normal monsters in the dungeon drop health restoration motes.
  • Reduced boss monsters’ HP.
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Wonderholme Changes

  • BoP weapon smart boxes added to Wonderholme drops.
  • Wonderholme (Normal) BoP drops.
    • Bandersnatch has a chance to drop a Steadfast weapon smart box and Steadfast armor set.
    • Felbane has a chance to drop a Steadfast weapon smart box.
    • One-Eyed Jack has a chance to drop the Steadfast chest smart box.
    • Belmun has a chance to drop Steadfast gloves.
    • Bandergrub has a chance to drop Steadfast shoes.
  • Wonderholme (Hard) BoP drops.
    • Nightmare Bandersnatch has a chance to drop a Wonderholme weapon smart box and Wonderholme armor set, including a smart box for the Wonderholme chest.
    • Nightmare Felbane has a chance to drop a Wonderholme weapon smart box.
    • Nightmare One-Eyed Jack has a chance to drop the Wonderholme chest smart box.
    • Nightmare Belmun has a chance to drop Wonderholme gloves.
    • Nightmare Bandergrub has a chance to drop Wonderholme shoes.
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  • Champions’ Skyring
    • Solo-queue Champions’ Skyring now provides equalized gear.
    • Four new achievements are added for Champions’ Skyring for winning 1, 10, 50, and 100 times (solo queue only).
  • Kumasylum
    • Resurrection time has changed to 15 seconds.
    • Lowered kumas nanny’s HP by 22 percent.
    • Lowered kumas baby’s HP by 25 percent.
    • Slightly decreased kumas team's reaction resistance. They are now easier to knock down.
    • A kumas with rock candy will move at 40 percent speed.
    • Increased kumas team’s resistance to debuffs.
    • Changed spawn location for the treasure chests.
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New Stuff

  • Added inventory filters.
    • The filters sort and highlight items in your current inventory.
      • All: Displays the default view of your inventory.
      • Equipment: Highlights weapons, armor, and accessories.
      • Costume: Highlights costumes and weapon skins.
      • Consumables: Highlights consumables typically used for combat, such as potions and crystals.
      • Crafting Items: Highlights crafting materials and recipes.
      • Quest Items: Highlights quest-specific items.
      • Misc.: Highlights items that do not belong to any of the above filters.
    • You can still manually sort your items under the All filter. Using other filters will not alter the default All item view of the inventory. You can use any filters without worrying about the filters resorting your default inventory.
    • Items cannot be manually moved while other filters are in use.
  • Hands of Velika faction has changed.
    • Now appears upon reaching level 11.
    • Hands of Velika reputation rewards have been added to some story quests.
  • Players can now click on the mail icon next to the radar map to open mail UI.
    • Only plain text mail can be viewed.
    • Write/reply/parcel functions still require a banker NPC.
  • Automatic sharing of zone kill quests has improved, and now group members advance to the same step.
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Alliance Update

  • The Will to Win buff is awarded based on how far behind an alliance is during the conflict.
    • Alliances with a player deficit of more than 20 (compared to their enemies) earn a buff granting +34 power and +20 endurance.
    • The number of players in an alliance conflict is reevaluated every 3 minutes; the application of the buff updates accordingly.
  • Picking up your own alliance's noctenium extractor keys no longer awards contribution points.
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  • Avatar weapons for Isren and Karas are slightly easier to complete.
  • Avatar weapons’ level requirements have changed:
    • Level 16 weapons increased to level 20.
    • Level 24 weapons increased to level 26.
    • Level 30 weapons increased to level 32.
    • Level 36 weapons increased to level 38.
    • Level 42 weapons increased to level 44.
    • Level 48 weapons increased to level 50.
    • Level 54 weapons increased to level 56.
  • Items will drop normally even when a high-level player is in the party.
  • Screenshot save location changed to C:\Users\name\Pictures\TERA_ScreenShots.
  • Items now stack to whole numbers such as 10, 100, and 1000 instead of 9, 99, 999 and so on.
  • Notes on players’ friends list now have an eight-character limit.
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Bug Fixes

  • Logging out while on an airship in Corsair’s Stronghold no longer stops the airship’s flight.
  • Players below level 59 no longer receive level 60 quests after equalized battlegrounds.
  • Using a skill while incapacitated no longer moves the point of view up.
  • Fixed texture issue on castanic female party dresses.
  • The warrior dire badge’s sell value is now consistent with other dire badge’s sell value.
  • Normalized the speed of fixing the siege weapon.
  • Nightforge, Steadfast, Strikeforce, and Wonderholme weapons now correctly glow when enchanted to +9 and above.
  • Using a charging skill while gathering now cancels gathering.
  • Elin character customization now displays correctly to players when video preset is set to 2 or below.
  • Avatar weapon UI attached to inventory UI now displays the correct strings in equalized BGs.
  • Fixed an issue where the decrease duration of stun effect would sometimes not work properly.
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