Patch 25.06

Patch 25.06

March 25, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Back Slot Animations

The following back slot items now have animations:

  • Wind-Up Key
  • Monarch Wings
  • Azure Butterfly Wings
  • White Butterfly Wings
    • This change is retroactive and applies to all existing above items.

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Federation Bills

  • To celebrate the launch of the federation bill store, players will receive federation bills upon logging in—for a limited time.
  • Players can trade in federation bills at Tikat, our federation bill merchant, for consumables, boosts, cosmetic items, armor templates, and mounts. This NPC can be found in most towns, and most items in the federation bill shop are exclusive. Visit Tikat to see all the items.
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Bug Fixes

  • The Bamarama betting UI now displays betting increments correctly.
  • After a race change, race-specific cosmetic items will be auto-unequipped and mailed to the player by parcel. If the race change included a gender change, gender-specific cosmetic items will also be auto-unequipped and mailed to the player.
    • This does not change the race/gender of the cosmetic item; the original equipped cosmetic item is mailed back to you.
    • For example, if you change from a baraka to a popori, the baraka costume you had equipped will be mailed back to you, still bound to you.
  • High elf female priest no longer Backsteps farther than other races.
  • Players will now return to their last location before entering an instance if the "Reset Instances" button is used.
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