Patch 25.06 B335

Patch 25.06 B335

April 1, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

Attack of the Bees

The blooms found on the new ninja weapon skins has invoked the Rise of the Bees. A large number of bees have been spotted all throughout the world. The bees have also made significant changes to the open world.

  • Entering combat has a 25 percent chance to invoke the "Wrath of the Bees."
  • "Wrath of the Bees" debuff has a chance of applying "Deadly Allergic Reaction." If afflicted by this debuff, you will become increasingly dizzy and begin experiencing hives and swelling.
  • All bosses now have a new buff, "Buzzing Swarm." This buff slows all attackers by 30 percent and inflicts "Swollen," a new debuff.
  • Honeycombs have been spotted throughout the world. Destroying one also invokes the "Wrath of the Bees."
  • Bears have been spotted around the honeycombs. If you destroy a honeycomb in front of them, the bears will go into a killing frenzy until they are given a "Honey Pot."
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New Class: Beekeeper

To counter the impending doom created by the bees, the Valkyon Federation has employed the ancient art of beekeeping.

  • Class starts at level 60.
  • Exclusive to Popori and Baraka.
  • Starts with three skills:
    • Smoke Screen. The beekeeper applies a plume of smoke to target ally, increasing their resistance to bee attacks by 100 percent.
    • Administer Antihistamine. The beekeeper administers a heavy dosage of antihistamine, removing the "Swollen" debuff and greatly reducing the effects of "Deadly Allergic Reaction."
    • Panic! The beekeeper panics, resetting their cooldown on "Smoke Screen" and "Administer Antihistamine."
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New Items Added

  • Antihistamine Tablet. Can be purchased from general merchants all throughout the world. Can take up to 30 minutes to remove symptoms of "Deadly Allergic Reaction."
  • Tier 14.5 Added: Bumbleflex Armor. Formed from the wings of dead bees, Bumbleflex literally makes you faster than everyone else. Bumbleflex can be worn by all classes and will adapt to any body type. Bumbleflex also has a four-piece set bonus for each class:
    • Archer: Now shoots poisonous snakes dealing 4,000 damage per second and stacks up to 10 times.
    • Berserker: Lethal Strike now kills the target hit by this skill. Lethal Strike also kills the berserker and turns them into a ZomBee.
    • Lancer: Chained Leash no longer has a cooldown.
    • Mystic: Shara’s Lash is now Disco Ball. Upon contact with an enemy, "Boogie Fever" by The Sylvers will play, and everyone is required to boogie. Those who do not boogie will be attacked by dozens of "Boogie Robots," and then banned.
    • Priest: Energy Stars now increases nearby group members’ strength and attack speed by 600 percent and stacks with other priests' Energy Stars. Energy Stars lasts for three minutes.
    • Slayer: Distant Blade now throws your sword into the ground at the target location, creating a crack in the crust of the planet. Any player or monster caught in this crack will be instantly killed. Cooldown increased to 14 days.
    • Sorcerer: Stoneskin is now permanent.
    • Warrior: Death from above is now a toggled skill, allowing the warrior to fly. In "Death from Above" form, warrior swords are replaced with rifles that fire lasers.
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Pet Changes

  • Carnivorous plant now has a new ability: "Consume Bee Swarm." Your carnivorous plant will eat the bees swarming you, removing "Wrath of the Bees" debuff.
  • Dragonette now has a new ability: "Burn the Swarm." Your dragonette will spark a small fire and burn the bees swarming you, removing the "Wrath of the Bees" debuff.
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Bug Fixes

  • Baraka may now correctly wear Princess Rida’s and Princess Arin’s maid uniforms.
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These patch notes are not real. Please don’t contact support. April Fool's!

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