Patch 29.03.01

Patch 29.03.02

December 16, 2014 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PDT)

New Continent

  • New Continent: Val Oriyn – Cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, Northern Arun is a land of savage jungles, colossal ruins, and the undiscovered homeland of the barakas.
  • Added four new zones:
    • Savage Reach: Level 60-61
    • Spring Valley: Level 61-62
    • Ex Prima: Level 62-63
    • Arx Umbra: 63-65
  • Added baraka city: Highwatch
  • Added new reputation faction: Vanguard Initiative
  • Each of the new zones (and the city) have new story quests.
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Vanguard Requests

  • The Vanguard Requests window presents a list of level appropriate daily quests for each zone.
  • Press “H” to bring up Vanguard Requests window (or click on the icon next to the mini map).
  • Earn weekly bonuses by collecting Vanguard badges
    • Collect Vanguard badges by completing quests with the Vanguard badge icon next to the quest’s name.
  • Earn roll call bonus by logging in 3, 5, or 7 times a week.
  • Collect quest rewards directly from the Vanguard Request UI after completing a quest.
  • Vanguard Requests resets every Tuesday at 7am PST.
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Level Cap Increased to 65

  • New Skills
    • Warrior
      • Binding Sword: Throws your sword to snare up to 4 enemies and pull them towards you.
    • Lancer
      • Rallying Cry: Your defiant shout draws aggro while you and party members become immune to knockdown and immobilization.
    • Slayer
      • Eviscerate: Deals powerful damage and knocks the opponent down.
    • Berserker
      • Raze: Knocks down enemies around you while moving forward.
      • Tackle: Spin your axe to hurl a bolt that knocks down an enemy.
      • Unbreakable: Fueled by rage, your HP will not drop below 1 while active.
    • Reaper
      • Shrouded Escape: Cloak yourself in shadow, reducing aggro and becoming invisible.
    • Sorcerer
      • Nova: Unleash a massive explosion, which deals huge damage to enemies within a radius and can knock them down.
      • Warp Barrier: Cancel all damage and recover MP with each hit you take while active.
    • Archer
      • Thunderbolt: Shoot a concussion arrow. The shock will cause damage and knock enemies back.
      • Tenacity: Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish MP. Briefly increases resistance to stun immensely.
    • Priest
      • Zenobia’s Vortex: Unleashes a whirlwind, dealing damage to all enemies in its path and briefly throwing them into the air.
      • Divine Intervention: Pulls and retrieves a party member in front of the caster.
    • Mystic
      • Contagion: Infects one target and spread a disease that deals damage over time and decreases enemy’s endurance.
      • Vampiric Pulse: Fire a bolt which deals damage to all enemies and heals party members in its path.
  • Added higher-level versions of existing skills to account for the new level cap.
  • Added new normal and master glyphs for each of the new skills. Master glyphs are available from the reputation stores, and from dungeons (other than level 65 dungeons).
  • Added noctenium infusion effects for some of the new skills.
  • Adjusted skill balance across all skills.
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  • Coliseum added: A fast-paced new battleground mode where two teams race each other to defeat waves of mobs and BAMs in a test of skill, strategy, and teamwork.
    • Equalized 3 vs 3 battleground
    • Level requirement: Level 60-65
  • Changed the level at which various battleground quests are acquired.
  • Daily quest level for existing battlegrounds updated.
    • The quest for Corsairs' Stronghold is now available to characters of level 30–59. The rewards are unchanged.
    • The quest for Kumasylum is now available to characters of level 31–59. The rewards are unchanged.
  • New battleground quests added for Corsair’s Stronghold and Kumasylum for level 60+ players.
  • Battleground matching level expanded.
  • Champions’ Skyring and Fraywind Canyon are now level 65 only.
  • Gear level for equalized battleground has been increased.
  • Adjusted the battleground win/loss record-keeping system to reduce the impact of battlegrounds that terminate abnormally.
    • Players affected:
      • Kicked by vote
        • No reputation reward
        • Win/lose count as lose
      • Remaining user after opponents left the battleground
        • Lose reputation reward is awarded
        • Win/Lose count as Tie
    • Reward update
  • Win/Lose condition changed for Kumasylum ending early when the losing team members leave the BG
    • Team that was winning receives win record, reputation credits and item rewards.
    • Losing team receives lose record, credits, and no items.
    • When all members of winning team leaves the BG early, the BG ends as a tie and lose credits awarded to the other team.
  • Corsairs' Stronghold objectives’ HP have been increased
    • Outer gate HP increased significantly
    • Inner gate HP increased significantly
    • Tower HP increased
    • Defense cannons’ HP increased
  • Mystic’s Thrall of Wrath can no longer be used in Corsairs' Stronghold and Kumasylum.
  • Battleground rewards have been updated.
    Win Lose Captain (Win) Reinf. bonus Contrib. (% of personal score)
    Kumasylum BC 900
    KS 300
    BC 500
    KS 150
    BC 200
    KS 200
    BC 100
    KS 100
    BC 1%
    KS 1%
    Corsairs' Stronghold BC 700
    KS 150
    BC 300
    KS 50
    BC 200
    KS 200
    BC 100
    KS 100
    BC 1% (up to 500)
    KS 1% (up to 150)
    Fraywind Canyon (Solo & Raid) BC 150
    KS 700
    BC 50
    KS 300
    BC 200
    KS 200
    BC 100
    KS 100
    BC 1% (up to 150)
    KS 1% (up to 500)
    Fraywind Canyon (Equalized) BC 270
    KS 120
    BC 150
    KS 45
    BC 100
    KS 30
    BC 50
    KS 50
    BC 1% (up to 100)
    KS 1% (up to 50)
    Champions' Skyring (All) BC 50
    KS 400
    BC 20
    KS 150
    None None None
    Coliseum BC 900
    KS 300
    BC 500
    KS 150
    BC 100
    KS 100
    BC 100
    KS 100

    BC: Bellicarium

    KS: Killing Spree

    • Winning a battleground match rewards 5 fashion coupons, losing a match rewards 2 fashion coupons.
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  • New Dungeons:
    • Sabex Armory (Level 61+, 5-person); 30 minute cooldown (15 minutes for elite)
    • Macellarius Catacombs (Level 64+, 5-person); 30 minute cooldown (15 minutes for elite)
    • Ravenous Gorge (Level 65, 3-person); can be entered twice daily (four times for elite)
    • Bathysmal Rise (Level 65, 5-person) ; can be entered once daily (twice for elite)
  • Rift’s Edge entry level updated to 65 and dungeon matching system item requirement updated to 174.
  • The Abscess (Hard)
    • This is the 5-person version of the dungeon, with Nightmare Krakatox.
    • Feedstock now drops instead of fodders.
    • Gold drop amount updated.
    • Dungeon matching UI now shows tier 5 feedstock as potential reward.
  • Dungeon cooldowns updated.
    • Balder’s Temple (solo and 5-person): 30 minutes
    • Argon Corpus: 2 hours (1 hour for elite)
    • Manaya’s Core: 6 hours (3 hours for elite)
  • Difficulty for Argon Corpus and Manaya’s Core have been lowered.
  • Item level requirement for Argon Corpus has been lowered to 138.
  • Rewards for existing dungeons updated and reflected on Dungeon Matching UI.
  • Dungeons removed to streamline the flow of level progression:
    • Temple of Temerity
    • Crucible of Flame
    • Sirjuka Gallery
    • Manaya’s Core (Hard)
    • Kelsaik’s Raid (10-man and 20-man)
    • Kezzel’s Gorge
    • Channelworks
    • Shattered Fleet
    • Wonderholme (Normal and Hard)
    • Ghillieglade
    • Lakan’s Prison
    • Abscess (7-person)
    • Rift’s Edge (Hard)
    • Sigil Adstringo
    • Ascent of Saravash
    • Suryati’s Peak
    • Labyrinth of Terror (Hard)
    • Ebon Tower (Hard)
    • Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard)
    • Akasha’s Hideout (Hard)
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Enchanting Updates

  • Equipment tiers have been condensed into five tiers:
    • Tier 1- Tier 5: Tier 1
    • Tier 6- Tier 9: Tier 2
    • Tier 10- Tier 12: Tier 3
    • Tier 13- Tier 14: Tier 4
    • Tier 15: Tier 5
  • Feedstock and new tiered alkahests are added for enchanting.
    • Equipment can now be dismantled into feedstock instead of extracted into basic crafting materials. Each item has a tooltip showing exactly how many and what tier feedstock it will become upon dismantling.
    • New alkahests are available from merchants.
  • Enchanting is now additionally accessed from a button at the bottom of player’s inventory. (Dismantling and crystal fusion are also available from player’s inventory as well.)
  • Removed the UI for the Tier 14 enchantment advancer.
  • Enchanting quests changed to fit the new enchanting system.
  • Old alkahests are no longer sold by merchants.
    • Refined Alkahest is no longer used and can be sold to merchants at the original sale price.
    • Godly alkahest and refined godly alkahest can only be used for tier 3 items or below.
  • Increase Feedstock Tier popup confirmation window with warning message added.
  • Feedstocks used (including the amount used for failed attempts) to enchant gear can be recovered via the dismantling process.
  • Forge Stoke is no longer purchasable. Player can now right-click their leftover Forge Stoke and exchange it for Feedstock.
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Crystal Refinement System

  • Crystal Fusion System
    • Players can now fuse fine crystals through the inventory UI.
    • Fusing three fine crystals of the same rank results in a random fine crystal of that rank.
  • New Crystals
  • Reorganized and clarified how crystals are sold by changing the inventories of crystal merchants and removing crystals from specialty stores.
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Gathering and Crafting

  • New Crafting items and recipes added
    • New alchemy items and designs have been added.
    • New materials and designs for gears and brooches have been added.
  • New gatherables added
    • Tier 6 gatherables have been added to new hunting zones.
    • Gathering proficiencies are increased to max 350.
  • Minimum level requirement for gathering resources has been added.
  • Test requirements for obtaining the master crafting rank have been changed.
  • A “Show All” checkbox for recipes has been added in the crafting window.
  • Alchemy recipes’ difficulty reduced and material drop rewards changed.
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Leveling Zone Refinements

  • Teleportals in towns allow travel to hunting zones and other towns in the region. Player can now also use a town teleportal to move to a dungeon entrance teleportal (and can use the dungeon entrance teleportal to return to town).
  • Movement increase motes will drop in Island of Dawn.
  • Certain village NPCs will guide players through popup dialogues.
  • Added traveling merchants and bankers to hunting zone camps.
  • Changed the teleportal guide NPCs in towns to actual teleportals.
  • Added text to the teleportals on maps for better identification.
  • Added user guide access through the Vanguard’s requests window.
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Alliance Vault Updates

  • Level cap for Alliance Vaults increased to 65.
  • Enemies updated in Alliance Vaults.
  • Special buff is added to healing classes entering the solo Alliance Vault.
  • Rewards and drop rates are updated for Alliance Vault.
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Other Updates

  • Added 91 new achievements, including several with reward items.
    • Rewards will now go directly into the player's inventory.
    • If the player's inventory is full, any rewards will be delivered.
    • Added new PVP and PVE gear, some of which can be obtained for completing story quests and achievements.
  • Walking added: use / key on numpad to toggle between walking and running.
    • Each race/gender has different walking speeds.
    • Run/walk toggle shortcut can be customized in Options > Shortcuts
    • Player automatically switches to running when entering combat or riding a mount.
    • Player remains at a walking speed in the following conditions:
      • Use a skill in a non-combat state
      • Swim
      • Climb
      • Fall from a great height
      • Affected certain movement-affecting abnormalities.
  • Avatar Weapons
    • Two new avatar weapons added
      • Ishara: 8 pieces, collecting starts at level 60.
      • Oriyn: 15 pieces, collecting starts at level 62.
    • Dagon weapons can now trigger critical hits against level 60 monsters.
    • Adjusted the number of pieces required for some relic weapons:
      • Amarun’s relic pieces: 19
      • Gidd’s relic pieces: 21
      • Karas’s relic pieces: 17
      • Dagon’s relic pieces: 13
  • Northern Arun teleport locations added to Village Atlas:
    • Tempest Outpost
    • Hulran Watch
    • Amadjuak Trading Post
    • Khirian Sanctuary
    • Highwatch
  • Nexus guide quests and spawns have been disabled.
  • Refinement made to overlay map for Heartwood and Startree Forest to address issues with elevation differences.
  • Items in Elite Consumable Box are no longer tradeable.
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