Patch 30.04

Patch 31.04

May 5, 2015 (server updates begin at 6 a.m. PDT)

What’s New:


  • A new class available for all players during character creation.
    • Castanic and high elf females only.
    • Starts on Island of Dawn at level 1.
    • Tracks a new resource: Willpower
  • Equipment
    • Armor: Metal (hauberk, gauntlets, greaves).
    • Weapon: Arcannon (new!)
    • Added arcannons to dropped and crafted sets.
    • Added equalized gear for gunners.
    • Added arcannon to Trade Broker weapon categories.
  • Fast-moving, ranged DPS class.
    • Skills
      • Blast
      • Bombardment
      • Scattershot
      • Point Blank
      • Burst Fire
      • Time Bomb
      • Arcane Barrage
      • Mana Missiles
      • Arc Bomb
      • Rocket Jump
      • Balder's Vengeance
      • Replenishment
      • Retaliate
      • Rolling Reload
    • Willpower
      • Available to gunners at level 10.
      • Gained upon killing any enemy.
      • Gained from hits with:
        • Bombardment
        • Scattershot
        • Time Bomb
        • Arcane Barrage
        • Mana Missiles
        • Arc Bomb
      • Required to power:
        • Burst Fire
        • Bombardment
        • Balder's Vengeance (only at max)
    • Constructs
      • HB
        • Moves with gunner unless commanded otherwise
        • Heals gunner and allies in a small cone
        • Adds damage to skills
        • Command: Recall (teleports the gunner to HB's location)
        • Command: Self-Destruct
        • Command: Stay/Follow
      • ST
        • Set location
        • Fires bullets at enemies in range
        • Command: Self-Destruct
  • Added gunner skill trainers in major cities.
  • In other locations, gunners can train via tactics class trainers.
  • Adjusted class achievements to include gunner:
    • Lead Gunner
    • Gunner Secundus
    • Gunner Prime
    • Prone to Violence
    • Ready, Aim, Fire
    • Hammered a Gunner
    • Cutting-Edge Gunner
    • Emerged Victorious
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Island of Dawn Experience:

  • Removed several quests to streamline the experience.
  • Merged remaining Island of Dawn quests into story quests.
  • Adjusted IoD achievements due to quest changes.
  • Adjusted several NPC locations.
  • Improved spawn counts and locations of quest monsters.
  • Improved spawn counts and locations of gatherables.
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  • Rebalanced dungeon levels to improve leveling flow, and to allow more consistent dungeon matching.
  • Saravash's Ascent
    • Reintroduced as a level 32–34 instance.
    • Available relic pieces: Tithus at level 32; Amarun at level 36.
  • Adjusted Golden Labyrinth to level 48–53.
  • Adjusted Saleron's Sky Garden to level 53–57.
  • Adjusted Labyrinth of Terror to level 57–58.
  • Adjusted Ebon Tower to level 58–59.
  • Added Velik's Protection buff to 5-person leveling dungeons.
  • Increased monster XP in select 5-person leveling dungeons.
    • Bastion of Lok
    • Sinestral Manor
    • Saravash’s Ascent
    • Cultist’s Refuge
    • Labyrinth of Terror
    • Ebon Tower
  • Increased XP bonus for 5-person parties in dungeons from +80% to +100%.
  • Added Crystal Merchant NPCs to low-level dungeons.
  • Removed Blast from the Past.
  • Restored dungeon repeatable quests and added to Initiative Requests interface:
    • Thus Always to Devas (lvl 20) and Take Down the Heavies (lvl 20) for Bastion of Lok.
    • Killer Clowns (lvl 57) and Funeral Music (lvl 57) for Labyrinth of Terror.
    • The Blackest Hearts (lvl 57) for Ebon Tower.
  • Extended the time requirement for Fulminar and Mephisis in Master Ravager and Pieces of Cake achievements.
  • Added "Match without Tank" option to Instance Matching dungeons when no tank found in first two minutes.
    • Bastion of Lok
    • Sinestral Manor
    • Saravash's Ascent
    • Cultists' Refuge
    • Necromancer Tomb
    • Golden Labyrinth
    • Saleron's Sky Garden
    • Labyrinth of Terror
    • Ebon Tower
    • Macellarius Catacombs
  • Removed Instance Matching buffs—Chain of Protection (tanks), Chain of Attack (dps), Chain of Recovery (healers)—from most dungeons.
    • Bastion of Lok
    • Sinestral Manor
    • Cultists' Refuge
    • Necromancer Tomb
    • Golden Labyrinth
    • Akasha's Hideout
    • Saleron's Sky Garden
    • Labyrinth of Terror
    • Ebon Tower
    • Kelsaik's Nest
    • Saravash's Ascent
    • Balder's Temple
    • Argon Corpus
    • Manaya's Core
    • Sabex Armory
    • Macellarius Catacombs
    • Rift's Edge
    • Dreadspire
    • Channelworks
    • Bathysmal Rise
    • Bathysmal Rise (Hard)
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    • Ravenous Gorge
  • Increased recommended item levels for instance-matching:
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard) from 184 to 190
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor from 181 to 188
    • Bathysmal Rise (Hard) from 181 to 188
    • Bathysmal Rise from 174 to 181
    • Ravenous Gorge from 174 to 181
    • Channelworks from 174 to 181
  • Added non-tradable Chest of Bravery as a final boss drop when Instance Matching:
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • Bathysmal Rise
    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Awarded to all party members
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World Leveling:

  • Increased relic drop rates in dungeons and in world drops.
  • Added level 13–59 story quests to Initiative Requests interface [H].
  • Added checkpoints for fast travel in leveling quests in Initiative Requests interface.
  • Added help messaging and rewards for leveling.
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Class Changes:

  • Reduced damage at max range no longer affects PvE targets.
    • Archer—Arrow, Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, Rapid Fire, Final Salvo, Web Arrow, Poison Arrow, Restraining Arrow
    • Mystic—Sharan Bolt
    • Slayer—Distant Blade, Exhausting Blow
    • Sorcerer—Fireball
    • Priest—Triple Nemesis
  • Archer
    • Incendiary Trap, Concussion Trap, Ensnaring Trap, and Explosion Trap only hit once each.
    • Reduced MP cost of Velik's Mark to 0.
    • Increased Velik's Mark effect from 10 percent to 20 percent.
    • Purify skills can remove Velik's Mark from players.
    • Increased Velik's Mark duration.
    • Reduced MP cost of Backstep to 0.
    • Reduced MP cost of Feign Death to 0.
    • Reduced cooldown of Feign Death to 60 seconds.
    • Increased damage of Radiant Arrow by about 15 percent in PvE and about 5 percent in PvP.
    • Reduced damage of Penetrating Arrow by about 5 percent.
    • Reduced cooldown of Close Quarters to 10 seconds.
    • Reduced damage of Final Salvo by 20 percent.
    • Reduced cooldown of Final Salvo to 5 seconds.
    • Increased Rapid Fire base chance to crit.
    • Increased damage of Rain of Arrows by about 10 percent.
    • Thunderbolt casts faster.
    • Thunderbolt chains to Final Salvo.
    • Reduced cooldown on Thunderbolt to 35 seconds.
    • Increased damage of Thunderbolt by about 10 percent in PvE.
    • Equalized movement distance of Close Quarters for all races.
    • Increased base Crit Factor from 40 to 60.
    • Reduced glyph point costs of some glyphs.
    • Blazing Arrow Volley now triggers the effect when being fired, instead of upon hitting the target.
    • Reduced the damage increase of Empowered Close Quarters from 60 percent to 20 percent.
  • Warrior
    • Changed the glyph Sharpened Scythe to Empowered Scythe, to better reflect its effect.
    • Changed the warrior item Glyph of Sharpness to Glyph of Power.
  • Slayer
    • Changed the slayer item Glyph of Sharpness to Glyph of Power.
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  • Expanded Main Menu.
  • Players can open and accept parcels anywhere via the notification icon next to the radar.
  • Players can learn skills directly from the Skill Window.
  • Crusade menu icon will display NEW when new season begins.
  • Added "matching in progress" message on Instance and Battleground Matching icons.
  • Updated and differentiated crosshairs for melee and ranged classes.
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  • Kumasylum now only available for level 65.
  • Kumasylum quest "Candy's Dandy" automatically available when reaching level 65.
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  • Clarified distinction between Crit Rate and chance to crit.
    • Changed the Profile > Combat stat of "Crit Rate" to "Crit Factor." The displayed value is not a percentage, and does not increase when equipping items that affect "the chance to crit."
  • Clarified distinction between Crit Resist and crit resistance.
    • Changed “crit resistance” to “the chance to resist crits,” a more accurate term.
      • Adjusted tooltips of Protective crystals and effects.
    • Changed the Profile > Combat stat of "Crit Resist" to "Crit Resist Factor." The displayed value is not a percentage chance, and does not increase when equipping items that affect ”the chance to resist crits.”
  • Renamed weapon, crystal, skill, and item effects that increase Crit Factor from Carving to Keen.
  • Weapon, crystal, skill, and item effects that increase the chance to crit are still referred to as Carving.
  • Changed Carving Brooch accessories and recipes to Keen Brooches.
  • Changed Onslaught Scroll names to better reflect effects.
    • Onslaught Scroll of Carving is now Onslaught Scroll: Crit Factor.
    • Onslaught Scroll of Cruelty is now Onslaught Scroll: Crit Power.
    • Onslaught Scroll of Impact is now Onslaught Scroll: Impact Factor.
    • Onslaught Scroll of Swiftness is now Onslaught Scroll: Attack Speed.
  • Adjusted tooltips of Avatar weapons for accuracy.
    • “Inflicts critical damage on monsters of similar level to the weapon's requirement” changed to read “PVE: Inflicts more crits on monsters of similar level to the weapon's requirement.”
  • Adjusted level-up scroll's name and result from 58 to 60. Not usable by gunners.
  • Added elite status vouchers.
    • Grants elite status upon use, or adds additional time to an account’s elite status.
    • Purchased elite status vouchers are tradable.
  • Reaper initial cinematic after character creation can now be skipped.
  • Adjusted XP for level 59 or lower characters killing level 61+ monsters.
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Bug Fixes:

  • Dreadspire entrance now a teleport route.
  • Reaper weapons from fashion coupons now display while out of combat.
  • The item effects Cruel, Torture, and Bind now have corrected tooltips.
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Known issues:

  • An unobtainable quest marker (Ambrrr) appears on Velika zone maps.
  • The confirmation checkbox on Elite Status Vouchers sometimes moves around the window.
  • Masterwork Alkahest does not display in Trade Broker Recent history when searching with the keyword “masterwork.” Use “mas work” instead
  • Exiting a battleground while in a vehicle or as Da Bomb renders equalized skills on the player shortcut bar nonfunctional. Repopulating the bar or traveling between zones corrects the problem.
  • Race change vouchers are grayed out for gunners, but do function to change high elf females into castanic females, and vice versa.
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