Patch Notes

Patch 36.03

October 13, 2015 (server updates begin at 4 a.m. PDT)

What’s New:

New Lobby:

  • Completely redesigned character select screen.
    • Players now use menu on left side of screen to select characters.
      • Select a character with number keys (1-8), left-clicking the name on the menu, or left-clicking the character itself.
      • Players can tab through multiple pages (if available) with arrow keys.
      • Characters are no longer automatically selected based on last login.
      • Characters no longer display nameplates above their heads.
    • Players can rearrange characters in any way they like.
  • New Character Creation Screen
    • Moved race, gender, and class selection to one screen
    • Added racial and class skills to UI
    • Added video of class skills to UI
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Returning Hero Rewards:

  • Added Returning Hero UI to help level 58-65 players get up to speed quickly after a prolonged absence
    • Gear updates for characters level 58-65 on accounts that have not logged in for 30 or more days
      • One eligible character per server can receive an upgrade.
      • Gear received is one of four packages tied to receiving character’s level.
    • Added special UI to remind players of key class skills
    • Added a shortcut to Vanguard Requests
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New Starting Area:

  • Added new starting zone: Stepstone Isle
    • Level 1 characters now start play on Stepstone Isle.
    • Characters previously logged out on the Island of Dawn have been moved to Stepstone Isle, regardless of level.
      • Unfinished Island of Dawn quests are now marked as completed
      • Moved Island of Dawn achievements to Legacy Achievements
      • The story quest “Dawn’s Early Light” is no longer available.
    • Pegasus flights, village atlases and travel journals can still access the Island of Dawn
      • Removed gathering nodes from Island of Dawn
      • Island of Dawn monsters no longer provide items, or gold.
      • Island of Dawn NPCs are still present, and fulfill the same non-quest functions as before.
      • The level 60 story quest “Tell Me of Noctenium” is still available.
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Chat Changes:

  • LFG
    • Removed LFG chat from drop-down options and disabled (/u) keyboard shortcut.
      • Messages can still be sent from the LFG menu (Y), using the Publicize button.
    • Added an option to only display LFG messages to characters +/- 4 levels of the party leader.
      • Players can add either the level-restricted or regular LFG messages to a chat tab.
  • Guild Advertisements
    • Added a guild advertisements chat channel (/q)
    • Guild masters may grant members permission to promote the guild in the Ranks window.
    • Advertisements are displayed on the World chat tab by default.
  • Tab options
    • Changing chat tabs changes the players default input channel.
      • When changing to the Party and Whisper tabs, the player must meet current requirements (chatting with party members, whispering with another player)
    • Joining a Party or Raid automatically switches a player to the appropriate channel.
    • Players may disable this setting in each tab’s option as wanted.
  • Item Drops
    • Added additional sorting options for common, uncommon, rare, and superior items.
      • Players can add any or all of these notifications to a chat tab.
  • Private Chat Channels
    • Added the ability to create private chat channels
      • Players may join or create up to eight private channels.
      • Right-click a chat tab, and select “Make private channel.”
        • Private channel names must be 2-8 characters long.
        • Channel creator sets a 4 digit passcode, then invites friends.
  • Whisper
    • Added an arrow to differentiate between sent and received whispers.
  • Spamming restrictions
    • Added a 60 second chatting ban for users who send four messages within five seconds to Say (/s), Global (/c). or Area (/a)
    • Added a 30 second chatting ban for users who send two messages within four seconds to LFG, Trade (/t), and Guild advertising (/q)
    • Global, Trade, Area, Guild, and LFG messages share a cooldown.
    • Added system messages for chat bans and the lifting of same.
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Zone Refinements:

  • Changed requirements for camp teleportal use
    • All camp teleportals and dungeon entrances are unlocked the first time a character enters a province.
  • Lowered cooldown of Safe Haven teleport scrolls from five minutes to one minute.
  • Added option to disable zone quest markers on maps and NPCs.
    • Options > Game > Display quest markers
      • NPC default is “on”
      • Map default is “off”
  • Increased XP rewards for story quests.
    • To the Garden of the Sun no longer displays in the Vanguard Requests window upon reaching level 60.
  • Rebalanced open world mobs in Southern Arun, Southern Shara, and Northern Shara
    • Increased Attack and HP for monsters level 10 – 59
  • Added Vanguard quests for open world mobs
    • Automatically appear in quest tracker for characters level 13 - 20.
    • Removed Vanguard Requests for mobs covered by new quests.
    • First completion gives reward items; subsequent completions only give XP.
  • Returned gold drops for the following non-dungeon bosses in Northern Arun to previous amounts:
    • Kihara
    • Raiga
    • Ruins Guardian
    • Moaloth
    • Magmara
    • Humedras
    • Darzan
    • Sharazan
    • Kazan
    • Armant Hammar
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  • Changed qualifications for Timescape Conqueror
    • Now requires
      • Movement of the Spheres
      • Round and Round and Round We Go!
      • Get a Charge out of Life
      • As Above…
      • So Below…
      • Around the World
      • Time Flies When You Have None
      • The Master of Timespace
  • Changed qualifications for Vault of Kaprima Conqueror
    • Now requires
      • This Won’t Hurt A Bit
      • Better Watch Your Step
      • Just a Jump To The Left
      • It’s Strangely Comforting
      • Personal Best
  • Moved Achievements for the following areas, categories, and dungeons to the Legacy category
    • Akeron’s Inferno
    • Akeron’s Inferno (Hard)
    • Channelworks
    • Island of Dawn
    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Shattered Fleet
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • Time Traveler
    • Vault of Kaprima
  • Readjusted Laurel requirements
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  • Corsairs’ Stronghold
    • Added info window with a brief guide and image for each team (Attacker/Defender)
      • Displays on entry, and again when switching sides
      • Click the Battleground Info button below the timer to view at any time
      • Guides can be accessed from the Battleground Matching UI at any time.
    • Added guide effects
      • Can be turned off via Options > Game > Help Settings
  • Kumasylum
    • Added info window with a brief guide and image for each team (Federation/Kumas)
      • Displays on entry, and again when switching sides
      • Click the Battleground Info button below the timer to view at any time
      • Guides can be accessed from the Battleground Matching UI at any time.
    • Reduced Kumas (leader and underling) HP and resistance to stun.
  • Fraywind Canyon
    • Increased HP and resistance to crits for Naga Reaver and Potent Teralith
  • Gridiron Academy
    • Added a level 40-64 version of the Gridiron.
      • Players receive equalized gear and skills (level 65) upon entry.
        • Conflict set
      • Players receive XP and credits based on performance.
    • Added Vanguard Requests, zone quests, and daily quests for Gridiron Academy.
  • Killing Spree/Bellicarium Credits
    • Players can now check credits and access shops though the Battleground Matching UI
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  • Removed masterwork alkahest drops from the following dungeons:
    • Labyrinth of Terror
    • Ebon Tower
    • Kelsaik’s Nest
    • Balder’s Temple
    • Argon Corpus
    • Manaya’s Core
  • Increased Vanguard Requests XP for the following dungeons
    • Bastion of Lok
    • Sinestral Manor
    • Saravash’s Ascent
    • Cultist’s Refuge
    • Necromancer’s Tomb
    • Golden Labyrinth
    • Saleron’s Sky Garden
    • Labyrinth of Terror
    • Ebon Tower
  • Addressed problem with boss health bars causing frame rate issues.
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  • Added daily participation restriction.
    • Operation: Overwatch can only be completed once per character, per day.
      • Characters who have already completed Operation: Overwatch and received rewards may not accept the quest again.
      • Characters who failed to defend, or were successful but did not receive rewards due to low kill count, may attempt the quest multiple times.
  • Characters who fail Operation: Overwatch no longer receive gold rewards based on personal kills.
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  • Addressed issues causing Windows XP users difficulties in launching the game.
  • Added Event Guide to Vanguard Requests
    • Interactive calendar showing special events and items for redemption.
    • Claimed items are greyed out and marked as “Claimed”
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