Patch Notes

Patch 36.03.03 HF2

November 24, 2015 (server updates begin at 4 a.m. PST)

What’s New:

Brace for Impact

  • Added six achievements in Special > Events earnable only during Brace for Impact event.
    • Count on Me
    • Make an Impact
    • Marda's Vengeance
    • Marda's Justice
    • Matched for Impact
    • Three Times a Pirate
  • Added Marda’s token items as achievement rewards.
  • Added exchange cubes available from Merchants for event. (Only one of each exchange cube will be needed per player.)
  • Added Marda’s black wolf mount as reward from gold exchange cube.
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  • Updated loot tables for several loot boxes.
    • Sports Bag Loot Box
    • School Bag Loot Box
    • Maid's Loot Box
    • Pirate Loot
    • Steamer Wardrobe
    • Steampunked Loot Box
    • Dress for Success Loot Box
    • Dress to Impress Loot Box
    • True Ultimate Power Weapon Box
    • True Ultimate Elin Elite Box
    • Ice Box
    • Celestial Spirit Box
    • Big Lugs Box
    • Tool Box
    • Pet Food Box
    • Road Hog Box
    • Violet Birdcage
    • Fiery Birdcage
  • Updated fashion coupon store to include PvE and PvP Nightforge weapons and armor.
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