Patch Notes

Patch 37.07.03.EN8

January 12, 2016 (server updates begin at 7 a.m. PST)

What’s New:


  • Disabled Brace for Impact achievements.
    • Characters with Marda’s Steel and Marda’s Gold in sufficient quantities can still use conversion boxes to receive event rewards (although the conversion boxes have been removed from the store).
  • Removed Wintera Snowfield from the list of active battlegrounds.
  • Adjusted text of “Killian’s Hounds” quest to more accurately describe target monsters.
  • Adjusted tooltip of costumes obtained from Token of Friendship: Level 50 to properly reflect temporary (7-day) status.
  • Corrected text of Summerbloom Smart Box so that it now indicates that it provides the weapon skin for reapers as well.
  • Clarified “Fraya's Fury” quest so that it specifies the location of Allemantheia Headquarters, and includes a location link for the NPC teleportal.
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